Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day of 2011

Girl With An Addiction feels older...

Not kidding. I actually feel older... I'll be 16 in about 10 months, 3 days, 4 hours, and by the time I finish this blog... approximately 29 minutes... 

Wow, 16. A few significant things should happen when I'm 16... I'll either be in England, or would have hopefully gone, I'll be having a raging party (not telling the theme yet... Keeping it on the down low), I'll get my L's, and I'll be legal... To leave home, that is :P 

So, I'm pretty excited. 

But, I'm not as excited as I thought I would be... Because to be honest, I don't want to grow up. We try so hard to force ourselves to look, act, and even speak older than who we are, and we don't even realise that these childhood years are the years to never be wasted or forgotten, rather to be cherished and remembered in every way possible. So what if you had a crap childhood, it makes you who you are today, and you'll look back on it and think, wow, look what I went through, look how it changed me, and look how it made me the person I am today. 

If you're still the same person you were as a child, then good on you! If you don't agree with that, then perhaps you should consider why, and maybe even work on changing that.

If you're a fun happy child (why the heck are you on my blog?! JUST KIDDING!), then stay that way. Don't let anything get you down, because being a kid is the most fun part of life! You get to run around, go crazy, eat fairy bread, stuff yourself with food and still have the energy to do backflips on a trampoline. These are the glory days! Don't rush into teenhood. 

Girls, screw the guys! Don't be someone who you're not, just be who you are, stop trying to change yourself for them, because you are beautiful, no matter what. Trust me, trying to a boyfriend when you're 10 is weird. Been there, done that, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Try waiting a few years until they're matured a bit more, and can at least pay for that movie ticket =P

Guys, stop being up yourselves. Enjoy being boys! Have fun, kick a ball around, go riding, just don't focus on how many girls you can impress, or how many teachers you want to get annoyed. (Save that for when you actually know how.) 

If you're a teenager, then I welcome you to our possible mutual thoughts... Being a teen is fun! You're finally in highschool, past the awkward stage (for some, still in that uncomfortable awkward stage), you're also going through puberty (bring on the Clearasil! Okay, that's a little weird...), so your mind and body feels like it's going to explode at times... These are the times when you eat chocolate. You've gotten a bit taller (not for me hehehe), you're mind is filled with wordly views that the media and others are forcing you to believe, and your parents are becoming more controlling and overprotective than ever. You fight with friends, you don't hand in assignments, you realise there's no chance of being with that popular guy or girl... Sure, teenhood's not all it's cracked up to be...
But, that's because it's supposed to challenge you, and prepare you for life... The world fills your brain with stupid perspectives and doubts, so you can challenge yourself and turn to a solution to help you through it (for me, that's God). You're parents are becoming so unbearable because, more than likely, they've done what they think you're doing (or even are doing), and they've been there. Believe it or not, they're right most of the time, and they're just trying to help. You fight with friends so you have the chance to know them better, and even so you can make new ones. Friends are possibly the second best thing to have in life (second to God, tying with family), and you don't just have them, you need them, because true friends will stick by you, and love and care for you in languages only you and them can understand. You don't hand in assignments because you're computer froze and the system didn't auto-save, you're computer crashed, you're printer broke, you "forgot it"/left it on the desk, the teacher didn't get it, or your dog ate it (yes, I actually have tried that one... It doesn't work, so don't bother...). All this so the teacher can either be really lenient and give you an extension, or so you can get the marks you deserve, so you can actually work to the best of your ability for the next assignment. And, there's no chance of being with that popular guy or girl, because they're probably not what you truly want anyway... As you mature and grow older, you realise what's really important, and that some people are better than others, and usually popular people aren't all what they seem (no offence intended). 
Being a teenager is fun. Experiment, have fun, go crazy! Then learn from your mistakes, and take into account of what the future holds. In a sense, trust yourself, and more importantly, trust God, He knows what He's doing.

If you're an adult/parent, I have only a few things to say to you:
You miss the childhood days, we all know it, especially when you dance really weirdly and think you're still young enough to wear that skirt, or still cool enough to listen to crap 80's music. It's not cool. Just, no. Sure, drinking your asses off, and walking around the streets of a town you grew up in at 5am is fun, and sure having kids is super fun, especially if they're awesome teens like moi, but we all know you oldies have regrets. More than likely, you have a lot. But don't focus on them... Focus on the happy times, reflect on all those hilariously amusing moments. Get in contact with an old friend, perhaps you could still be friends now. Go out with friends, and have fun. Share experiences, because if you remember them as being good now, chances are that you won't see them as regrets in the years to come.

On a final note, enjoy life!
My main New Year's Resolutions is to be happy, and to not let anything stand in my way of that... So I'ma do my best, and I suggest you do the same. If you're not happy now, change it!

Chin up, keep smiling, and have a laugh at least 3 times a day :)
And eat some chocolate :)

God bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


  1. -claps- :) Great job Jessica :)

  2. :O someone called you Jessica that isn't Someone!
    I'd just like to say that it's been an absolute pleasure seeing you change and grow these past few months, you've matured so much!

    Also, Jessica ;), you better update your blog more regularly under the circumstances :P

    With Love Sincerely,

  3. Haha, yes I've made it clear to everyone that only family and you are allowed to call me Jessica :)
    All I can say is thank you for being there, and it's been really awesome :)

    I'm hoping to update it at least once a week, if not twice... I need more readers though... :P



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