Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blogs, Runs, and Best Friends

Girl With An Addiction is very glad to know that she is inspiring more and more people to write blogs =D

I met this awesome guy, Mr. Tickle, a few days ago at the movies, through a few friends. Turns out, he's flippin' awesome, and he made a blog...

Of course, only after reading mine :P

And Mr. Tickle, it's okay if you didn't mention me in your first post, because I ate The Sacred Flake... It's quite understandable... And because The Sacred Flake was sacred, it now makes me sacred... So now you just absolutely must write about me in your next post... =D

I had work today. Twas funnish :) And very tiring... 

But apparently not tiring enough... So when I got home I went for a walk/run. I started off lonesome, but my cool bean step-dad had taken our dogs for a walk, so I caught up with him and took one of the dogs... We walked around the lake. Twas lovely. Then he ditched me for home... And so off I went again. Now my feel are sore... But they're supposed to be, because I plan to try and walk/run everyday now, for Duke Of Ed... I figure that if I don't start training now, I'll die on the next hike.... 

THEN! When I got home I watched Dawson's Creek of course! I LOVE Dawson's Creek! It's the bomb-diggity! It's a story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy loses girl, girl falls in love with boy, girl loses boy, and pretty much that for a while... BUT I don't know what happens next, because I'm only up to the 4th season... And it's intense... But so sweet! You should watch it... NAO!

So after watching half an episode, Levie texted me and asked if I wanted to go Late Night with him... So of course I did =D Then he gave me a mother-of-pearl ring him and his mum found... It's really pretty, and I heart it. I bought another top... I think I have a spending problem.... WOO! We made fun of all the weird "gangstas" and "rebels" etc... Twas amusing... Then a dude in JJ's thought I was stealing a hat.... Even though I bought it 2 days ago, and it looks nothing like the ones they were selling.... Silly person.... =P
I'm super-dooperly excited for the next time Levie and I chillbang... I'm gonna go over super early so we can start our "Levie and Jess's Epically-Super-Dooperly-Awesome-Cool-Bean Movie List! Then, I'ma stay over and we're gonna play Runescape all night... Lame I know, but it's him... I'll probably muck around on his new cool bean keyboard... Or play his playstation... Slumber-Party!!! xD

So, all in all, another awesome day!!! =D

Anyways, check out Tickle Me, tis cool bean =D

Have a splendid week!

God bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

P.S. I thought the picture was cute... Tehe =)

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