Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yet Another Day In Which I Do Nothing

Girl With An Addiction is way to tired to even be contemplating whether to write this blog or not...

I just got back from the doctors. I start physio very soon... WOO! But at least I'll get better...

Work might possibly be very boring, because I'll be on front counter the whole time for the next week, due to the facts that I can't bend over, lift anything heavy, and run/walk a lot... Which is great, because that in turn means that that'll be all I'll be rostered on for... No cleaning dining room for me... It'll never be the same :P

I'm even having Maccas for breakfast. I'm like a regular or something! :P
I actually said that to my mum this morning... Purposely planned blonde moments amuse me greatly.

I'm craving Veronica Mars... My Mocha is going slightly cooler than before... Not to mention my hashbrowns... So I should have them now...

Ta ta.

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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