Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Girl With An Addiction is bossy.

My grandfather thought I should add that in here, seeing as though I am bossy. I won't deny it, I know I am, so get used to it :P

So, I have a few friends... They're pretty awesome... None of them are as awesome as I, however... But I'm spreading my awesomeness so more people will be awesome... Kind of like a super-race... Just without the whole World War Two thing... 

The second Most Awesome One, would be Mr. Wood. He is awesome. Enough said. Not really, he's just too awesome, you can't even describe the power of it.. It's awesome. He is awesome. His hair is awesome. His Nerf guns are awesome. His height is awesome. His making-up-of-awesome-words is awesome. HE is awesome.

Then there's Peter... He's fairly awesome. JUST KIDDING!


Okay, so I'm not actually JUST KIDDING!. He is fairly awesome, but as the majority of our Facebook friend's voted, I am the more awesome... So he comes second to me at school. Then there's his hair!!! I mean WOW! His hair. Is. AWESOME! I only two people who have hair as awesomely curly as that. Sorry Peter, but the other guy's hair just tops the "Most Awesome Curly Hair List." But you'll always awesome.

Finally, there's Megatron. 
I love you!
You're way too awesome for anyone!!! Except for me, of course. You see Megatron, you are the most awesomest person I know! And that's saying something... Because as you can see above, I know a fair few awesome people.. So feel special... No, even better.... FEEL AWESOME!!!

So, I know some pretty awesome people.

Stay awesome!

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


  1. first of all: Barney Stinson WIN!! xD

    and i wonder who's hair is the curliest tehe :b

    Sounds like you've had a much better day, glad to hear it! =]

  2. Hehe I LOVE him! He's Legen... wait for it... DARY!!! :D

    Haha I wonder.. :P

    I have, tis good :)

    Expect another post in about 10 seconds after I post this... :)

  3. haha but you have to admit, he's only awesome because he's not real. If you ever met someone like that, you'd hate them :P

  4. Super Race hey?! I think they are trying that over in the South of USA....


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