Sunday, January 23, 2011

That Crazy Girl

Rach; That Crazy Girl.
Girl With An Addiction is dedicating this blog to That Crazy Girl...

No, she's not a fellow blogger, she's not some random girl I met at Maccas, and she's most certainly not a normal person...

This girl, in fact, is my best friend.

I'm writing this blog to her because she's moving to Perth at 1pm today... I'm hoping she'll be able to read this soon so she'll what an amazing girl she really is.

At the start of year 7 I was known as the shy, quiet girl. Having moved an hour from my home town and my primary school, I didn't know anyone in high-school. I started to get in with the wrong crowd and isolated myself from the people who were actually trying to get to know me (little did I know that they would soon become my awesome friend circle). Midway through term one, along came Rachael. This crazy, outgoing, funny, smart girl, who helped me break through my shyness, and become almost like her.

We had the occasional silly argument, and one day we vowed never to fight again (like any teen girl best-friendship does). We never fought again while we were at the same school.

When my mum decided I would be changing schools to a private Christian school, Rachael (with the help of another friend) actually started a petition so I wouldn't leave. This petition actually went around the whole school, with nearly every teacher signing it, and almost with 200 signatures. Sadly, (but luckily) my mum wouldn't budge, and so I changed schools.

From then on Rachael and I only had one physical connection, where we could meet every Friday and Sunday and have fun together- church. I started inviting her to youth group at the end of term one, and she finally decided to show up one day! Having loads of fun on her first night, she chose she would come every week, eventually starting to attend church on Sunday. She's been coming regularly ever since.

Even though we've fought since then, over the most silly issues (boys being a big factor), we always manage to pull through.

Last year I went through a lot of things no girl should have to go through. Rachael was there for me, in odd ways that can never fully be explained... 

Rachael and I have the weirdest friendship. We agree on hardly anything; boys, clothes, music, Canadians.

We have "creative discussions" on almost everything, yet we are still able to laugh at anything for hours on end.

Though we may be complete opposites in a few areas, we are still always more than willing to be a listener, talker, shoulder-to-cry-on, joke-explainer, chocolate-buyer, and a massive-hug-giver. 

Rachael is the funniest person you'll ever meet. She can laugh at anything for hours, and still find it funny weeks later.

She has an obsession with piercings... Lately, she's been wanting to get her hips pierced... A little strange, yes, but that's her.

Along with her love for fluoro arm and leg warmers, she is constantly wearing skin-coloured stockings with shorts... No matter how hot it is, she's always be wearing them. Don't ask why, because you won't get an answer.

Because Rachael has such a wide taste in her choosing of boys to perve on, she has taken a HUMONGOUS infatuation to Jeydon Wale... A Canadian guy with weird hair and piercings, and who looks like kind of like Justin Bieber. That's all I know. Yes Rachael, he is super-dooperly hot, but I don't think I'll ever like him as much as you do hehe.

In year 7 we used to call ourselves hippies, and we were known for wearing cool headbands and saying "Peace" to everyone in sight...

Those were the days.

Rachael, thank you for being everything I could have asked for; A one-of-a-kind-best-friend.

I don't care if you're moving to Perth, we will see each other again, no matter what!

I'm going to miss you so much.

I know I didn't cry much when we said goodbye yesterday, but it's because I know that no matter what, you'll always be like a sister I never had. So why cry over something so happy?

I hope you have an amazing time in Perth, making friends, going to school, finding a new church (you better!), perving on guys without me, and enjoying the sand :P

I love you, Rachael, as a friend, fellow-chocoholic, and Sister in Christ.

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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  1. Good Job :)
    I'm sure Rach will appreciate it :)
    We're all gonna miss her.

  2. JESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS you are incorrect in a few ways, 1. jeydon wale has just 1 peiceing, doesnt have weird hair and DOES NOT LOOK LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER bahaha 2. i dont wear skin coloured stockings all the time... sometimes they are black or fishnets LOL, haha awww i am going to miss you heaps haha love you xoxo

  3. LOL @ Rachael
    I JUST read your facebook comment and came on to check this post haha :P

  4. Haha Rachael!!! You amuse me so much!! Whatever you think...
    But you still wear stockings, and that was the main point :P

    I already miss you!!
    Love you honey!! xoxo

  5. hahaa shh you... :)
    i miss you too!!!
    love you sunshine xoxo :)


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