Sunday, January 16, 2011


Love this; Not very antique
or anything, but it's good enough...
It's beautiful.
Girl With An Addiction went to the markets today.

I actually haven't been in over a year. Which is so surprising, because I love the markets. Just everything about them; the people, the culture, the food, the heat, the antiques... They're amazing.

Call me weird, I dare you :P

I especially love the antiques like old furniture, like rocking chairs, vanities, clocks, and record players... Not just because they look nice, but because every antique thing you find, has a different story behind it. A chair with a few dents in it here and there- maybe the owner had children who liked to play around with toys, and so one day they accidentally hit the chair, leaving an indentation.

Or what about that old lounge that no matter how much you try and clean it, will still smell like peppermint perfume.

The beautifully varnished mirror, atop the dresser. Stand in front of it, and the first thing I would imagine is a little girl, watching her mother apply make up, then trying to do her own.... The little girl helping her mother zip her dress up, before a night of dancing, or dinner, or something of the likes.

The record player- whenever you use it, you can't help but listen to classy blues/jazz songs, because the romantic aged couple that listened to it every Saturday night would dance and dance, and dance to their favourite songs... So it's more or less a tradition, if you will, to continue that dancing, so the memories locked away in that little record player will never be forgotten...

When I grow up, have a family, and a house, the first thing I'm buying is a record player. So I can dance the night away, and perhaps even recreate the evenings of the decades that have passed...

I love old fashioned things, I suppose I get that off my mother :P And I'm a seriously cheesy romantic, so I can't help but imagine how magical life can be... Even the history behind furniture. :P

In case you haven't noticed, I'm in a writing mood... And I've just had a fantastic-balismical idea for a story... :)


Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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