Thursday, April 29, 2010


Girl With An Addiction is dedicating this blog to Daddysmilk =P

Before you go all hay-wire on me, Daddysmilk is infact a band. An English/Norwegian band to be exact!

You may not have heard of Daddysmilk and if you have not, you have not lived...
They are without a doubt, the BEST alternative band. EVER. (Tying with The Offspring.)

The band consists of:

Lead Singer and Rythm Guitar - Kristoffer
Lead Guitar - Keith
(New Addition) Bassist - Steve
Drummer - Marius

Sadly, their old bassman, Jay, left for personal reasons, and has just joined his girlfriend's band, The So & So's.

So, if you don't know who Daddysmilk are, or have never heard of them, I advise you go here:!/pages/Daddysmilk/12678037870?v=wall

If you want to watch Marius being... Marius, go here:

So, enjoy listening and I hope you'll love Daddysmilk just as much as I do =)
Maybe not as much...

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Girl With An Addiction is writing to you =)

Why do I love Winter?
I do not know, I suppose it is undecided.

Why do I hate Winter?
Because it's too cold!

It isn't even Winter yet, but here I am in trackies, a jumper and warm socks, with the fire going and candles burning (Yes, I am a pyro =P), drinking a hot coffee.

These are the Con's of Winter:
Having to wear tons and tons of clothes (that can be good or bad =P )
Winter uniforms,
Rain cancells sport,
Can't do much outdoors,
No clothes, because it rains =(
Not having anything to do,
Not having a fireplace, heater or aircon,
Not having any pets to cuddle,
Not having a doona or a really warm blanket.

These are the Pro's of Winter:
Wrapping up in blankets,
Snuggling with the one you love,
"Borrowing" your boyfriends jumper/jacket but never actually returning it,
Cuddling your girlfriend to keep her warm (and you, but you don't actually tell her that)
Ugg boots and trench coats
Scarves and beanies
Fire and Candles
Hot chocolates and coffees
Movie marathons
Shopping sprees
Cinema Outings
Long phone calls
Dancing in the rain
Kissing in the rain =)
And about a million and one other things that make Winter so great =)

From a Fashion Perspective, Winter is the time when all girl's say "I have nothing to wear!" BUT, most of the time, this is a complete lie! There are a range of reasons why girls say that they don't have any clothes in Winter, but in reality they actually have the most clothes compared to guys. Count yourself lucky girls that you have a wider and more fashionable range than men! If you love looking good and having all the new clothes, then Winter is great if you have a heap of jackets, jeans, trackies, long-sleeve shirts, boots, uggbotts, dressing gowns, socks, gloves, scarves and beanies and of course, stockings. Whether it be any of these items of clothing, you can create any great outfit with pretty much all of them!

For a more Sporty outlook on Winter, this is awesome, because sports like AFL, Football (The REAL type, with a FOOTball!), Rugby, Rugby League, Cycling, Ice Hockey, Netball, Dancing, Skiing ( in some cases Baseball) and for those who like to say it is and think it is, Shopping =)
Winter is awesome for the sporty type, because there is a much wider range of sport in Winter than there is in Summer, BUT because of the cold and wet weather (even though it rains MORE in Summer) there is a lack in participation in sports. It is an more efficient and fun way for people to get warmed up and be warmer in general because of all the running around and it's a great way to stay fit during the cold days.

I have a new perspective on Winter after writing this. Now hopefully after reading it, you too will enjoy and appreciate it more, because Winter only comes once a year =)
So, why do I love Winter...?
Well there the answers =)
Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Week of Term Two

Girl With An Addiction is FINALLY writing to you =P

I am very sorry to anyone to who actually reads my blogs, for not writing daily as usual. I know it's a stupid excuse, but... I've been busy! So, now that I have a whole afternoon on my hands, this is what has happened this week:

On Sunday, I went my boyfriends first AFL game of the season... His team is crap, but he is actually pretty good :) I have no idea how to play AFL so when his dad, sister, brother and his brother's friends showed up, it got awkward. Luckily, his sister doesn't know how to play either. I'm hoping to go to every second game of his because it will be a home game and so I can actually get there... AND so I can be a good girlfriend and start going regularly. I still can't believe that even though he played last year for the whole time we were dating, I never went to one of his games until this year... WEIRD! Later on, I went to church twice and then home as normal. So, that's basically what happened on Sunday.

NOTE: The previous post was about Monday, so read that if you want to catch up. =P

So Tuesday was the first day back of Term 2. Boring as usual. We had an Anzac Day service thingo where this man came and told us about how many Australian troops died in all the wars we fought in, then stuff about war and his family. To be honest, I actually didn't mind the service, unlike everyone else. I myself love history and learning about Australian history, especially all the wars.

I personally think more people should actually LISTEN in those services because it is a big wake-up call to those who think war was only about people who wanted more violence and action. FALSE. Back then, and today still, people go out and fight in the war out of loyalty to their country and love for their families.

So, to all of you that think war is only about action and murders, YOUR STUPID!

Anyways, so at the assembly, we had to sit in the scorching sun for about half an hour... The time was crap, but the purpose memorable.

Funny though, today linked in perfectly with our History class where our topic this term is: Australia and World War One! So, I know I'M going to love this topic =)

On Wednesday... What happened on Wednesday...

NOTE: Due to lack of memory capacity, laziness and addictions, I don't remember what happened on Wednesday or Thursday... That is bad.

On Friday it was our Cross Country. I did not compete because I am a girl, and yes that is my excuse for everything. But seriously, it because of the female agenda. My boyfriend of course ran... and came 1st! I feel bad because I was severely jealous but he has never come 1st before in Cross Country, so I cut him some slack. (I hope you're reading this bub) I was and am very proud of him! =)

I lost my voice on Friday... It sounded like a guy on helium haveing voice-breaks every second word... It was HORRID!

Our Youth had our Launch Night, which was bloody awesome!! It was so much fun =)
 BUT, it was so unfair because I couldn't sing properly due to my stupid voice =(

Altogether, a great day =)

And, FINALLY this brings me to today! My mum and I had our first class of term 2 for belly-dancing this morning! Only one more until intermediate starts :) Our teacher, Mel, said I was cute today and now my mum is known as the Cheeky one. She also played her favourite song today... its alright... BUT SO ANNOYINGLY WEIRD! It gets stuck in your head for ages! =P

I have a new friend and he is tall =)
I shall call him Mr Tall!

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Monday, April 19, 2010

Science Assessment

Girl With An Addiction is writing to you =P

WRITERS NOTE: If you don't understand any of this, Google it.

Ok, so along with my year and the year above me, I got given a Major Science Assessment, but becasue I'm not in year 10 yet, it doesn't officially count towards my S.C. We could either choose from the topics given, or create our own. So, knowing me and my very curious mind, I created my own: Boys Vs Girls - Boy's Will Be Boys and Girl's Will Be Girls. Basically, my Aim is: To observe and investigate the differences between school-aged males and females: Physically; mentally; socially; and emotionally.

So, I need to investgate a series of observations and experiments or just one experiment to complete my Aim. But the whole point of that is to answer my Hypothosis: Girls are more progressive and develpoped in these areas, than that of boys.

I already have a number of experiments planned out, from throwing things to calculate reaction times, strength and speed, to seeing which gender can cook or play music the best.

Today, I went to my Mum's work (Before and After School Care, in this case Vacation Care, seeing as though it's STILL the holidays until midnight) and asked a series of questions to a boys and girls from years 2-6, which could of gone better.

I did although, meet a lovely (more like lively) boy in year 5, who happens to be in my favourite primary school teacher's class (same school and all!). I was so happy he offered to give the said teacher a letter/note if I wrote her one. So, of course I obliged. For his age, he was really nice and funny, one of the nicest boys at my Mum's work.

Anyways, so I asked some questions, wrote a letter and off I went with Mum back home.

The whole problem with this stupid assessment is that I only have about 5 weeks left to finish it (sure thats a lot of time, but its not really when you think about it!). I've planned out most of it, now I'm just worried about how I'll actually carry out the "experiments" (I sound like an evil scientist) and whats worse is that I'll need to take time out of lunch breaks at school, to talk to the kids (my school goes from Prep-Year 12)!

Well, wish me luck!

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mothers... They DO Try!

Girl With An Addiction is writing to you =)

Ok so, this morning I woke up to find my dod jumping and barking at me because she wanted to get up. Next my phone starts rimging. I answer to find out that I am supposed to be sleeping in and taking a day of morning church. Thats ok, I get to teach year 4 aged kids about God next week, when Sondaze starts back. Then, I go to my Mum's room to find she is awake and playing with our other dog.

What happened next? She asks me to make her a cup of tea... AGAIN.

So I go out to the kitchen with her and she puts the kettle on. I say one sentence that ruins the whole morning:
"The kettles been really annoying lately, because it doesn't sit properly on the stand." She replies with the next sentence that really annoys and provokes me:
"Thats because people don't ever clean up around here." (Along those lines...)

What happened in the next half hour was a mass of yelling, swearing, screaming, tears and an unmade tea.

In the end, I was fed up with having to be a "personal slave" all the time and my parents not giving a crap about me. False. They do infact care.

I stayed in my room for about 2 more hours sleeping... or at least trying to.

When I got up, my mum gave me my mobile back (which she had taken off me, for God only knows why...) and I had a shower. When I got out, she asks me again, "Can you finish making my tea?"

This time, I did.

We havn't spoken about the drama since, but I'm glad. This may only happen a couple of times a month, if that, but when it does I feel shattered, and I'm fairly sure she does too when I hurl insults at her.

I'm glad we fought today. I've realised something huge. My mum gave up everything she had for me, at 16, so I wouldn't turn out like her and so I could have a good life and be happy. I feel so stupid as I write this, because you'd think a girl wouldn't need 15 years just to realise that her mother has done everything for her.

So, next time your mother asks you to do something and you don't want to, give her a break, she's done the best she can =)

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Rich.... Then The Poor

It's Girl With An Addiction Writing to you =)

Why is it that whenever something as small as being annoyed at someone for something as small as say... telling you to do something, we ALWAYS make it into a huge deal and make everything worse?! Don't get me wrong, I do it frequently, but I mean come on, it's not the end of the world!

Oh no, I have to do a trivial chore because my mum asked me to, so I'm going to cry and be a bitch! Oh no, that guy has the same car as me, I'm going to go and hit him! What is with people who are like this!? It's NO big deal! Just because we're human beings who have 2 legs, 2 arms, a body, a head and a brain, doesn't mean we have to be daft and selfish because we don't want to do things, whether it be for ourselves or for others.

Every movie usually has the stereotypical "Rich Kids" in it (along those lines), who have lots of money or are rich and who boss everyone around so they get what they want, because they are selfish and couldn't give a damn about everyone else! Have you noticed how it's not until something bad happens in their lives and they start losing people or things around them, that they start noticing what they have and how lucky they are?

What about the people in third-world, developing countries, who struggle everyday just for food, water and shelter? They would do anything for what we have! But what do we do? We take it all for granted and don't have a care in the world!

I knew a girl who lived with her single mum in a very small, rented house. Every week, their main meal was 2 minute Noodles, because they couldn't afford anything else. The mum had a pre-paid-credit mobile because she couldn't afford a home phone, because she couldn't get a job. Every week or month the government would give her a certain amount of money and she would use that money to buy the necessities in life ie. food, water, clothes and rent. They had their cousin come down every month to buy and cook food for them, buy clothes or give hand-me-down clothes to the girl. They also had a cat, which was great and fun, but he cost lots of money too. The mother and daughter had a small, cheap and used car which took them to visit family every weekend. THIS is why people care. THIS is what happens when people take things for granted. That mother and daughter were poor. But they were happy and grateful that they had each other, and they still are now.

So, next time you have money in your wallet and see something you want to buy that you don't NEED, think again. That money could be used for others... It's ok to splurge once in a while, but buying stupid crap that you don't need, is a waste of time, money and life.

Keep reading for more blogs =)

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Friday, April 16, 2010

First Blog

The name is Girl With An Addiction.

No, not an addiction to drugs, smoking or sex, an addiction to chocolate.

I am yet to find out if I do actually have a chocolate addiction, but if I do then I have already passed "Step One: Admitting You Have a Problem," which then leads me to "Step Two: Getting Help," which I hope may never happen!

An only child who lives with her Mum, step-dad and two dogs, Flynn & Izzie, in a small yet cozy house in the Illawarra, Australia. My Mum got re-married two years ago and I can she that she is so much better off now. I do not know my biological father, but I do know my Mother's ex-husband who I do not want to talk about at the moment. My Mum and I have moved all over the place (14 times actually), from Sydney, to down-the-coast passed Nowra and now we have finally bought a house that we love (the 13th house). I don't see the rest of my family as often as I would like to becasue they live in Sydney, but when I do, I try making the most of it.

Year 9 at a private Christian school. If you ever saw me when I started there in term 3 of year 7, you would have died, I was that different. To be honest, changing schools from one of the worst highschools in the Illawarra was definately not on my to-do-list. I'd moved from Sydney the year before, but continued school there until the start of highschool, which was a waste of time if you ask me. I didn't know anyone, so I was therefore extremely shy and quiet (not at all myself), and it wasn't until the start of 2nd term that I actually broke out of my "Shy Shell" as I call it. I acted rebel and hardcore, and did stupid things that I completely regret. I couldn't actually believe that I had changed so much from being the. "Teachers Pet" that I was in primary school, to someone that I hated. If I could do it all over again, believe me I would.

So now, I have changed again into a Godly teenager that "tries" to follows the rules and is so much happier than I was before =)

After I changed schools, I became best friends with a lovely boy from my church, who is in the same year as me, and is now my wonderful boyfriend of almost a year. I know it sounds silly, but I love him. He hopes to get married one day, buy a big house (my dream house, actually) and have a few children along the way. He really is amazing =)

So, anyway this is my first blog and I hope to write more in the near-future.

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P