Monday, January 17, 2011

Untitled, For Unknown Reasons...

Girl With An Addiction is alright.

I went to my physio, had an ultrasound on my back for a reason irrelevant to me. Also had those weird electro things stuck to my back again. Cried my eyes out, tis very painful... I like my physio. He is very nice, and we talked about what I have planned for the future, when I leave school, and what I'm interested in etc. 

He recommends that I read The Da Vinci Code, because I love reading. I shall.

Then I went to my psychologist. Yes, I see a psychologist every couple of weeks, because as a matter of fact, I do have issues, like every other person. I just like to talk about them, and know that there are people who care for me... I wish I could have stayed for longer, but the sessions only go for an hour.

It's kinda weird, me blogging this and all, but I don't really care because I'm not ashamed. And I don't care if you think I have mental issues, because I do- a mood instability, and I'm on natural anti-depressants now. So, if you like, you can talk to me about it, but if you're only going to judge me, then please do me a favour and stop reading my blog, or don't bother talking to me at all. Thanks.

In a bit of a weird mood at the moment... O:) It's an angel.

Did you know that God loves you, very much? More than anyone ever will? More than your parents, more than your siblings, more than that girl or guy who you see as everything, and more than any of your friends put together. He loves you, and me. So much so that He sent his son, Jesus, to die for us. He watched him get beaten, insulted, abused, and then watched him die on a cross. I doubt any of you would want to be crucified for someone. You say you truly love someone, but do you really? Do you even know what love is? God created love. He sent Love. Our God is Love. And you'll never truly understand what effect that love will have on you, until you accept what He did, and how much He loves you. You say you love someone. But you'll never love them as much as God loves you. 

I'm kinda rambling at the moment. Not really in the best of moods, but you'd think that I would be... My mind's a little warped at the moment, if you haven't noticed. 

Love God, because He loves you, and He always will.

Pray faithfully, Love honestly, and trust whole-heartedly. 

God bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


  1. Just a pointer, the ultrasound was totally relevant to you. If it wasn't, it wouldn't have been given to you, but someone else. By being given to you, it makes it relevant to you and your injury. :P


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