Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day Of 2010

Girl With An Addiction is a lot of mixed emotions about the last day of 2010.

This year has been significantly life changing, in many ways that I still can't get my head around...

It's taken me a lot to finally find myself, and even now I'm still having trouble, so this year has been a lot of things.

Let's do a quick recap! :D

Well, my ex and I broke up, I went through a lot of friend issues which damaged my soul... Not really, it just sounds cool putting that way.

I was diagnosed with a mood instability a few months ago. A lot of things contributed to the final diagnosis, but I've pretty much had it for about 2 years. A mood instability is pretty much Bipolar on a smaller scale. So my mood goes up and down constantly, changing from really happy to really sad, in massively short time periods. It's extremely frustrating, and it even annoys my friends. I know you don't want to say anything, because more than likely you don't realise what's actually happening, but hopefully you'll understand now. I'm not ashamed of it. I'm actually, in a sense, kinda proud to finally be able to say that there are reasons for my irritating moods. So yeah.

I've found God, and I've found love.

This year has, by far, been the worst and best year I've ever experienced. I've lost friends, and made new ones, who have changed me for the better, and I thank them very muchly =D

So, over the past few weeks I've thought about how I'm going to spend the last day of 2010... I went to work, saw a special Someone whilst there, made a new friend who has heaps in common with me, saw my awesome family, and am currently at a friend of the family's house... I've basically spent the night jumping on their epic trampoline and taking heaps of photos with my bestie Shannan. 

To me, the next year is going to represent how I've gone through so much, and how I can look back and say, "Wow, I've made it through all this," and for me to be thankful and happy that I have.

Thank you everyone who has been an amazing friend/relative/peer/youth leader/teacher and thank you to God.

So, when looking back on 2010, focus on the positives, and the happy moments, when you've smiled, laughed and have just been joyful. Reflect on everything, and remember how lucky you are!

Happy New Year! =D

I'll be spending the first minute of 2011 eating chocolate of course... I suggest you do the same, why not start the year in a fantastic balismical way!? =D

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Blog On The Obvious, and Not So Obvious.

 Girl With An Addiction is a lot of things this fine, overcast day.

First of all, I'm listening to Biffy Clyro's FANTABULOUS song Folding Stars again... And I'm just about to scream out the chorus.... 
"*Awesome drumming/guitar section* ELEANOR!!!!!!!! Woah, ELEANOR!!!!!!!!!!! I would do anything for another minute with you, because it's not getting easier, it's not getting easier... You will be folding stars, You're Eleanor... You can't ever understand, that it's not getting easier, it's not getting easier... I hope that you're folding stars."

I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!! =D

AND I LOVE the next song, that's on right..... Now!!! Glitter And Trauma. (In case you just wanted to listen to it... Which you will, or you can get off my blog.. RIGHT NOW!!!)

By the way, this blog is completely random because I'm just writing things as I think them... YAY!

Anyways, so it was Christmas on Saturday, and I had a most lovely day. I got a towel, and the brand is "Just Kidding!" I laughed so much when I got it, because my slogan thing is "JUST KIDDING!" =D 

The best gift I received would, without a doubt, be a donation card to SIDS and Kids. You buy a card from the SIDS and Kids website, and the donation goes to the foundation to help save babies lives, while they send you the card to include a message to give to someone as a card. It's such a great idea, and I think more people should contribute and help save babies lives.

Christmas is about a superly dooperly amazing fantastic balismically epically awesome (enter every single word that is a synonym of "good" x infinity) bit of Heaven coming down to earth: Jesus. So, every year on the 25th December,Christians across the world come together and celebrate Jesus' birth... It's quite lovely really, because this wasn't any ordinary baby... He was a super hero baby, literally. Jesus grew up and saved so many people's lives by dying on the cross for us. Pretty cool, huh?

So, next time you receive a gift from someone, or have a family lunch, or do whatever it is that you do on Christmas, remember why you're even doing it. Without Jesus' we wouldn't even have Christmas, let alone be alive to have it.

I would really love to thank all my Christian friends out there who aren't afraid to be committed and have a relationship with God. It's really encouraging to see all of you working hard to maintain that relationship, and help others have one too... I would especially like to thank those of you who have helped me grow in my faith. I won't name you all, just a few... If I don't name you, you know who you are.

"My friends are my estate."

~Emily Dickinson~

To Courtney, 
You are such an amazing Sister in Christ, and you are always helping me read my bible and pray. Thank you so much for being my first friend at church, and for doing everything you can to keep our friendship. You're such a blessing to know, and I can't wait to continue watching you grow into a lovely Daughter of God. I love you Sis =)

"A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need."
~Proverbs 17:17~

To Nat,
Thank you so much for helping me in my toughest times, for praying for me, and for continuously giving me bible verses. You really challenged me to actually get out my bible for the first time in so long, when you gave me those awesome verses one day. Thank you for being such a fantasmical friend, and for not giving up on me. You're awesome! =)

"The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense."
~Proverbs 27:9~

To All My Youth Leaders,
Whether you know what's going on in my life or not, thank you for asking, for caring, and for helping me in the best way possible- Through God. Thank you for praying for me, and with me. I thank you especially to Essy, for being there for me through my toughest time this year. Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on, someone I can trust so much, and for letting me come to you whenever I need someone to talk to. Love you =)

"What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies."


To My Awesome Brother, and Best Friend For Life, Daniel James/Levie/Lever, (You can get me back for that =P)
All I can say is.....
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just kidding! That's not all I can say... 
Thank you so much for being my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and beyond! Since the start of last year we've just kinda clicked and have been slowly developing our awesome friendship into one of the best best-friendships I've ever had. Though we have our silly, meaningless arguments, and "creative discussions" about music, girls, guys, Hungry Jacks vs Maccas, we still pull through together, and are still the best of friends. Thank you so much for being there for me the whole way through... EVERYTHING over the past year and a bit. I can't thank you enough for being such a super-spectacular shoulder to cry on, shopping buddy, and a movie-marathon friend. Thank you for buying me chocolate all the time, and for understanding that I have mood swings, and for also understanding that The Offspring is better than Metallica, and other band that you can think of... Thank you for also being one of the most unique friends I've ever met! I love how we share the same taste in almost everything, and how we don't care what people think us, and how we both used to rock out to Tenacious D, and other freakin' awesome bands... Thank you for buying me that awesome shirt, chocolate, and Hulk toy from that machine thingo... It's name is still "Daniel James," and it's on my bookshelf in my room.... You are such an awesome friend, and I just know that we'll be FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!! *Does Yugioh hand-smiley-face thing* I love you so much, Levie, my bestest friend, and bro! =D

"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives."

~Euripides, Greek playwriter~

And last but not least....

To Someone,
There's not much that you don't already know...
Thank you so much for being such a super-dooperly-fantastic-balismical best friend, and Brother in Christ. I can't ever thank you enough. You're such a blessing, and I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful person to have in my life. You've been a shoulder to cry on, an advice-giver (and receiver), someone I can trust with my life, and just such an amazing person! Thank you so much for allowing me to trust you with a lot, probably more than you expected. Thank you for praying for me, and especially with me, and thank you for changing my life... That Thursday Night, you read me a passage in Gloria Jeans, that seriously wouldn't get out of my head for about 3 weeks, if not longer. 

2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2

"The Ministry of Reconciliation
11 Since, then, we know what it is to fear the Lord, we try to persuade others. What we are is plain to God, and I hope it is also plain to your conscience. 12 We are not trying to commend ourselves to you again, but are giving you an opportunity to take pride in us, so that you can answer those who take pride in what is seen rather than in what is in the heart. 13 If we are “out of our mind,” as some say, it is for God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you. 14 For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. 15 And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.
 16 So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. 17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 18 All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: 19 that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. 20 We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. 21 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.
(Chapter 6)

1 As God’s co-workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain. 2 For he says,
   “In the time of my favor I heard you,
   and in the day of salvation I helped you.”
   I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation."

Thank you for reading that to me. Thank you for being so inspiring and encouraging, and for challenging me with my faith, in so many ways. You know everything I need to say, so I'll leave it at this:
Thank you, for everything. You are amazing, and never forget how blessed people are to have you in their lives.

"Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with."

~Mark Twain~

I Love you all, so very much. Maybe some more than others ;)
I owe you all a MASSIVE hug, and a lifetime of a Godly friendship =)

To everyone out there:
Never forget how important friends can be. It can take years to build a beautiful friendship, but seconds to destroy one... Treasure your friends, because they care and love for you, in a way that's extraordinarily rare, and special.

Well, I hope you all have a megtastic week!

God bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

PS. I'll be adding a "Cool Bean Friends" page soon, with photos of friendship, because I love my friends =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

As Life Goes On...

Girl With An Addiction had a most awesome day today...

I've realised that I'm really good at making titles that sound pretty... in a sense... cool beans. 

"Tomorrow is a promise to no one." Just an awesome quote in Biffy Clyro's song Folding Stars. My mum's getting it tattooed on her wrist, as a tribute to my brothers... and to Biffy Clyro, of course =P
I actually really love that quote... (I may just get that tattooed too) Because tomorrow is a promise to no one. 

We could die at any moment... I could die writing this, right now. You could die reading this... It's actually quite frightening, because what if you haven't achieved what you want to achieve, or what if you have unfinished business, or what if you haven't said what you need to say... What if you haven't shared those moments, followed those dreams, and said those things...? 

It's scary, we all know it is. I have so many dreams I want to follow, so many things I want to accomplish, and so many things I want to say... I'm sure we all do, so why not make a start to follow those dreams, make an effort to accomplish things in life, and say things we need to say.

Live everyday like it's your last. Cliche' I know, but we should all live everyday like it's our last. You don't know if you're going to wake up tomorrow, you don't know if someone you love will make it through the night, you don't know if you're going to die in a crash or something. It's impossible not to think these things, because it's so possible.

Anything could happen...

Perhaps I'm "exaggerating" this...

Meh, it's my opinion, my blog. Don't like it? Get off.

Perhaps I'm also a bit moody... Now that's a reason for chocolate... =D
I'm eating Extra Strawberry gum... Did I mention how good it is?! ;)

So, did I ever mention how flippin' awesome Biffy Clyro is?! Listen to them... NOW! That's right, go to Youtube and listen to them NOW! Then you know what you should do? That's right, you should go a legal website and download all their songs... NOW! I suggest 
Tis good =D
And if not, just be nice and buy their CD!!!!! You won't regret it, unless you're boring.... =P

I bought a Super Slurpee from 7/11 today... It had 5 different flavours in it... I gave my 5 and 8 year old cousins slurpees too... And lollipops... Their mum wasn't very impressed... But I'm the best cousin ever, as they both stated, so it's worth it! And I also taught the 8 year old all about Newton's First Law of Motion (Inertia)... I secretly hope she freaked her mum out with her crazy knowledge... =D

I have a diary... It's a small pink binder with sparkly floral patterns on the cover... It's amusing, because I'm actually serious... And it's full, so I bought a new colourful polka dot diary today... But I am yet to fill the pages with my secrets and thoughts... I wrote "Dear diary," in my "replacement diary" today... I felt like I had betrayed my old diary because I never wrote that in it... I also felt rather... Dare I say it? Girly. Yes, I felt girly. 

The funny thing is, I'm not actually that girly. I just severely dislike school sport, and I actually like caring about my appearance, and wearing nice clothes. In reality I grew up hiking. bush walking, climbing trees, and coming home covered in bruises, scratches and dirt. Not to mention that I was pro at mountain and motorbike riding, as well as absolutely loving monster trucks, four-wheel-driving, and playing epic car racing, skateboarding, and a favourite - E, on PS1 with the coolest step-brother ever. So no ladies and gentlemen, I'm not all that girly. Maybe you should think twice about calling me girly next time... 

And that's my speel for the day =)

My mum's actually been really nice and has let me on my own laptop for another 20 minutes or so... As long as I make her a few cups of tea, of course =P

Can't wait for New Year's!
For a number of reasons:
-It was for a very very fantastic balismical reason, that has now been... how do I put it... Creatively moved until further notice... That sounds better than I expected.
-It has always been for me to, in a sense, be happy. The whole date itself represents how I've pulled through a lot this year, and how I'm working towards being a better person... Changing myself, my attitude, everything basically...

-And, my New Year Resolutions shall be:
1. TRY and do P.E every week.
2. TRY and do sport every week.
3. Be happeh! For my family, for my friends, for Someone.... For God, and for me.

So, wish me luck!!! (I'll need it) =P

Anyways, I'ma wrap this up about now... 

I won't be on to write a super-dooperly awesome Christmas blog, so I hope you've all finished your Christmas shopping!! (I have YAYA!)

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Thank you very muchly God!!!!!!!!! =D

Merry Christmas everyone!!! =D

God bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Change In Attitude; An Apology To Everyone...

Girl With An Addiction has made a lot of mistakes recently... 

I haven't been very well lately, in the emotional/mental sense... A lot of things have been happening, and in my processes of trying to fix and move forward, I've pushed a lot of people away. I haven't been very fair to some people, and I've completely ignored others.

In the past few months I've had to get over a long-term relationship, rebuild one with God, and fall into another with someone close. This takes a lot of courage and trust for me to actually sit here and type the gist of what's been going on in my little head. 

In the process of moving on from the first relationship I've probably caused many, if not all, the fights I've had with some really close friends, and family. I've put myself in strife, and stressed my family out more than I could have ever possibly imagined. If you're a very, very close friend, you'll understand. If not, perhaps you don't need to, but if you ask and I consider you a true friend, I might tell you.

I want to apologise to all the people I've distanced myself from; all the people I've been a complete bitch to; all the people who have only tried to help; and to all people who haven't done anything but support me...

If you know what actually went on, you'll understand why I wouldn't post it on a blog, but hopefully you'll understand why I'm apologising, and perhaps even accept my apology.

I would also like to apologise to a few parents out there, you know who you are, and I really am truly sorry for everything that has happened...

To my mum, and step-dad, I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for lying; for disobeying you; and for giving so many reasons for you to mistrust me. I only hope that you can forgive me, and that one day, that same trust will be rebuilt. I love you.

To my closest friends, I'm sorry for worrying you; for not being the very best that I can be; and for isolating myself from you. None of you deserved that because more than likely, you didn't know how to help, but you still tried. Thank you for not giving up.

To my youth leaders, I'm sorry for stressing you; for putting pressure on you to help me (I assure it was unintentional); and for pretty much being an annoying teenager. Thank you for praying for me, and for encouraging me to turn to God.

To my school counselor, Mrs Flatley, I'm sorry for giving you many, many reasons to be stressed over the past year-and-a-half. I'm also sorry for not going to you when I needed support most. Thank you so much for supporting me; for listening, talking, giving advice; and mostly for encouraging me to trust God. You are such an amazing woman, and I wish you all the best. You will be surely missed from Tongarra.

To Someone, as you have now been dubbed as on my blog, I would like to apologise for the way things have turned out; for lying to people; for mistrusting you; and for not being a good enough girl, and sister in Christ. Though thank you for being patient, and for trusting me... Everything happens for a reason.

To God, my Lord and Saviour, I'm sorry for everything; sorry for all the wrong I've done, am possibly doing, and will do. You know my thoughts, and I thank you for everything...

This blog is very personal. If you wish to say anything to me about it, all I ask is that you be honest, or don't say anything at all. To be honest, I don't actually know what compelled me to write this. Perhaps it was God telling me I need to apologise, get things out in the open... Or perhaps it was just me over reacting =P 

Whatever it was, I hope you can all accept my apology, and if you don't accept it, then it's probably best to leave it...

"Apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift." 
~Margaret Lee Runbeck~

"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and for deeds left undone." 
~Harriet Beecher Stowe, Little Foxes, 1865~

Thank you.

God bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Wonders of Music

Girl With An Addiction loves music...

Have you ever just listened to a song and felt as though you're "escaping" into your own little world? Besides that being a fairly regular occurance, I often drift into a different dimension, if you would put it that way. Music is amazing. There aren't enough words to describe how magically notes just seem to fit together, like they were made to flow with each other, and create rhythms, beats, chords; all pieced together to form a song...

Maybe it's just me =P

I've been really enjoying piano pieces lately... Coincidence, maybe so =P

But over the past few weeks I've really learnt to enjoy the wonders of music, and the healing powers that it can have on us... That sounds really odd... =P

Over the past 2 years my music education has been improved dramatically, what with the fantabulous discovery of Daddysmilk, Richard Dutton, Biffy Clyro, Paramore, Regina Spektor; pretty much memorising all the lyrics off a Ben Fold's album (and many more of his ahmazing work); a couple of great friends introducing me to some fantastic-balismical musicians such as John Mayer and Brooke Fraser...

My cousin would also be extremely pleased to know that I DO have other favourite bands.... Not just The Offspring... But are they awesome! ;)

I've had Ennino Morricone's "The Crisis" replaying over and over again. (It's off Seven Pounds.) It's such a beautiful song... Truly amazing, and it reminds me that life can and does get incredibly tough, but there is hope.. Even if you do need to go through (and witness) all the hurt and sadness around us... You should never stop hoping. 

Many thanks to all the directors of the movies I've watched... 

Ice Castles introduced me to a new favourite artist Britt Nicole, a Christian with a really inspiring insight to music... At the start of her music video of "The Lost Get Found" she wrote, "On September 16 & 17, I took a road trip prayed that God that would put people in my path who were in need. These are the people I met. I hope this encourages you to reach out to those around you." And God did his thing, so Britt could share His word, and change their lives... and her music video actually shows her meeting, praying and reading The Bible with them; complete strangers! It's so encouraging and inspiring to see people like Britt go out into the world and make an effort to change lives, for the Greatest.

(500) Days of Summer just increased my love for Regina Spektor's music with "Hero" and "Us". Particularly the piano in "Us" is really awesome =)

Thanks to my English teacher who let us watch Letters To Juliet in English last term, helping me find the soundtrack featuring a new favourite of mine, Colbia Caillat's song "You Got Me". It also made me remember one of her lovely songs a friend showed a couple of years ago, "Lucky" featuring Jason Mraz... Coincidence that I happen to find it last month.. I think not! ;)

If I had the patience and time to list all my favourite songs, I'd be typing forever, meaning you wouldn't get the read all about them... So instead I'm just going to go through my "Favourites" on Youtube, and my "Top Rated" on my Ipod. Perhaps I'll write a sentence about the really really really megtastic ones... Or even put a * and next to my most favourite songs, and type them in purple... And I'm not listing them alphabetically, or in order from most to least favourite and vise versa. =P

Enjoy, and I hope you find a few you like too :)

I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Aerosmith. Yes, I know... My uncle and aunt danced to this at their wedding... And it's one of those songs where you just yell the words epically... Well I do anyway =P

Lovesong - Amiel

*Big Jet Plane - Angus and Julia Stone

*I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyes Peas.... Ahhh so many stories... Well, not really. I just have an epic dance/actions routine with my a friend =D

Almost Here - Bryan MacFadden and Delta Goodrem. Such a good song. I'll be honest, I cried when I heard this song the first song.. For many reasons. It's also the first song on my "Break-up" playlist.

*Something In The Water - Brooke Fraser. SO. MANY. WORDS! I just love this song.... Thanks to Joshua who showed me this song, and made actions with me... Thanks to someone else who gave it meaning =P

*Who Are We Fooling - Brooke Fraser and Aqualung. I cried when I first heard this. It's beautiful, and so very true... 

Marry You - Bruno Mars (Glee Version). This song is so cute, and I also have actions with Joshua... =)

*Zombie - The Cranberries. A song about war. I love it. It depicts war in a very honest way, and the bass is epic.

*This list is as follows:
-Mr Green
-The Obsession With Her
-Brigsby's Hall
-Realhope..................... All by the wonderful, megtastic, super-dooperly fantastic balismical Daddysmilk!!!! =D

*Boulevard One - Richard Dutton and, The So and So's

*Lucy's Lane - Richard Dutton and, The So and So's... Both songs are awesomely fantabulous!!!! :D

*Over-Thinking - Relient K. I have to say, the acoustic version is great! Many many thanks to a special friend who showed me this... I'll leave it at that =)

*Alice's Theme (Alice in Wonderland 2010) - Danny Elfman. Now, I do like a few composers and I'm not really the type who just likes composers, but this.... is amazing!!!! =D

Born To Try - Delta Goodrem. I always seem to listen to this when I'm feeling low... It really helps me believe in myself.

*Blue - Eiffel 65. Pure awesome. 'Nuff said.

*Light Surrounding You - Evermore. Love this song.

*Cherry Lips - Garbage. If you don't LOVE Garbage, the get off my blog right now! =P 

Don't Stop Believin' - Journey. Read the title =)

Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt

*You Give Me Something - James Morrison. This and the above song, are very different, but they're both so good!

*Canned Heat - Jamiroquai. NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE! (And the song for one of my bellydance dances!)

***The Heart of Life - John Mayer. My feelings exactly... :)

****Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - John Mayer. Thank you, so much to someone for showing me this and the above song... They shall always be in my top 10 songs :)

*The Last Day On Earth - Kate Miller-Heidke. This song really gets me thinking... It could indeedy be the last day on earth... Choose your actions and words wisely...

Caught In The Crowd - Kate Miller-Heidke. Come on, it's Kate Miller-Heidke! 

*You and Me - Lifehouse. OGM, I am in love with song.... :)

*Everything - Lifehouse. OGM I am even more in love with this song! :)

*Rooftops - Lostprophets. Thanks to Hughbert for showing me this awesome song... And thanks to Guitar Hero: World Tour, for letting me go as far as "Hard" on guitar... Maybe it was "Medium".... =P

Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble'. 

*The Way You Look Tonight - Michael Buble'. Many thanks to Mr Hamman for letting us dance to this in P.E. And to Owen for humming the words while we danced... Yes, I heard you =P

*The next list is as follows, from Paramore:
-Misery Business
-Let The Flames Begin
-We Are Broken
-The Only Exception

*Same with this list, but from Regina Spektor:
-Apres Moi
-The Man With a Thousand Faces

*Rob Thomas:
-Her Diamonds
-Ever The Same
-Little Wonders
-This is How a Heart Breaks
-Lonely No More
-Now Comes The Night

***Biffy Clyro:
-Mountains. Piano is awesome, voice is awesome, lyrics are awesome... This song is pure awesome.
-Golden Rule. I just love the guitar and synthesiser in this song... AMAZING!
-Folding Stars. I love this song so much. And screaming out "Eleanor!" in the front row of one of their shows, while Simon plays it acoustic is.... phenomenal! 

*Ben Folds:
-Alice Childress
-Annie Waits
-Battle of Who Could Care Less
-Eddie Walker
-One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
-Steven's Last Night in Town
-Uncle Walter

-Learn To Live With What You Are. A really amazing friend showed me this song... It really changed the way I think of myself... :)
-Kylie From Connecticut. I laugh when I listen to this song... My Mum's name is Kylie, and it's her ringtone when she calls my mobile... =D

-Picture Window - Ben Folds. This song is so real...

*You Don't Know Me - Ben Folds and Regina Spektor. LOVE THIS SONG! A great friend and I memorised the words, and do an epic little duet whenever we hear it.... And it introduced me to Regina Spektor =D

*A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope. This song is so sweet. And the piano is lovely. Never leaving my Top 10.

*Lovesong - Sarah Bareilles. LOVE IT.

*In The Arms of an Angel. I love this song, because I love my angel brothers.

*The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script. I think it's fair to say that if a guy did this, I would marry him =P Thanks to Joshua for EPIC actions ;)

Her Name Is Alice - Shinedown

Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer. Love it :)

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

*Theophilus Thistler - Sonic Animation. You'll understand if you watch the music clip :)

*Cinderlla - Steven Curtis-Chapman. A truly amazing song :)

*Ultraviolet - Stiff Dylans. Watch Angus Thongs and Pefect Snogging ;)

This Kiss - Faith Hill

*Here Without You - 3 Doors Down

Have No Fear - Bird York

*Mango Tree - Angus and Julia Stone

The Scientist - Coldplay

*Come What May - Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. Can't describe it. Just watch Mouline Rouge. And if you're in love... Hopefully you'll understand.. Perhaps a little melodramatic though =P

*Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

*Grease Lightning - Grease. HELLS TO THE YEAH! =D

Can I Have This Dance - Zac Efron and Vanessa-Anne Hudgens. YES, it is off High School Musical 3, but the scene is beautiful =P

500 Miles - The Proclaimers

*1000 Miles - Vanessa Carlton. LOVE IT! Nat, you are amazing for playing this at the talent quest thingo this year! =D

*Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

*Seventeen Ain't So Sweet - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

*Tribute - Tenacious D. Hughbert, Levie: This is just a tribute....!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

*Drops Of Jupiter - Train. OGM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it's also fair to say that if a guy played this for me, I would marry them =P

*White and Nerdy - Weird Al Yankovic. Just for you Hughbert ;)

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who

**Around The World (Daft Punk) - Patrick Davis. AH-MAZ-ING! :D :D :D

*At The Beginning - Richard Marx and Donna Lewis (from Disney's Anastasia). I am in love with this song... The parentals had this as their welcoming song thingo for their wedding reception... I cried =P

*I Turn To You - Melanie C. So many stories...

*Party in The USA - Miley Cyrus. Don't ask, thanks to Joshua ;)

*Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader. OH YEAH!

-Our God is Love
-The First and The Last
-Take it All
-One Way
-Where The Love Lasts Forever
-All Day
-I'm Not Ashamed
-Break Free
-Lord of Lords
-To Know Your Name
-God of Ages
-You Are Faithful
-Saviour King
The Stand
-Desert Song
-This is Our God
-Forever Reign

*Someone's Watching Over Me - Hilary Duff. My brothers are watching over me =')

Enrique Iglesias:
-Don't Turn Off The Lights

*Forever Young - Youth Group

*Suckers - Reel Big Fish. THANK YOU for showing me this awesome band! This song is my favourite out of all of theirs :)

*Without You (I'm Not Alright) - Article One. Thanks again Someone for showing me this :)

*Mad World - Gary Jules and Michael Andrews. Thanks Mr S :)

*The Assumption Song - Arrogant Worms. Blakie, this one's for you ;)

*Throwing Fire - Ronald Jenkees. This guy is... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! His skills on keys are absolutely fantabulous!

While I'm Waiting - John Waller

*Slow Fade - Casting Crowns

This really cool bean person and I have the same taste in music... And some of the songs on this list have been shown to me by him... Thanks you :)

Thank you also to my dearest Mother, for introducing me to all my favourite bands, you're the bomb diggity! :)

SO off my Ipod and Youtube, those would be all my top songs... If I think of any more, I'll add them. 
If you make me a few mixes, I'll give you a lifetime of friendship... You know you want it.... =)

By the way, that took me over an hour, so you better have enjoyed reading it.... Sorry for all the songs, and all the *. I think I just love music... =D

I hope you find a few songs you like, there's a bit of every genre in their... And if not, then get out there and get lost in music!!

"Music is God's Gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven."
~ Walter Savage Landor ~

God Bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

P.S. Sorry for all the grammar mistakes... i was tired kay! :)
P.P.S. Sorry for all the smilies... They're cute, and I like them very muchly... Especially this one... >:D  Tehehe it's me (Evil, but cute)...