Randomness Amuses Me.

"That ain't no Etch A Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid, Homeskillet."
~Rollo - Juno~

‎"Hey Jimmy, what's the answer to number 2?"
O o
"Ok... Blaaaagh." 

~The Laser Collection~

 "...Girraffamacatafishadon or some may say octagon" 
~Connor Nash~

"Dr Bearington will assist... By being so snuggly!!"
~American Dad~

"We've got wood for Calderwood!!"
~Calderwood Sports Team, ICS~

"Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus"
~J.K Rowling- Harry Potter~

"She looks like a barbie doll who had all her cut off and then had someone glue spaghetti to her head!!!!"
~Hughbert De Vaughan-Floyd~

"The never attempted X 50 is the key...... Sisters To The Max!!!!!!!!!!"
~Ivy Ianeri~

"I can't multi-task, I'm gay!" 
~ Alan Carr, Top Gear ~

"I'm so ecstatic but why is nothing sticking to me?"

"How the hell do they expect us to do a shimmy walk?! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!??!"

 "Shun the non-believer, SHUN!!!"
~Charlie The Unicorn~

"Lungfish, backfish, alligator, icefish, amorhead, hammerhead, anaconda, flathead, manta ray, sting ray,fangtooth moray, goblin shark, grass carp, round, river, bat ray, noodle fish, hag fish, man o' war, ladyfish, black eel, baby seal, sprat, koi, electric eel, lamprey, pejerey, yellow-edged moray, salmon shark, sleepy shark, feather back and eagle ray!!!"
~Charlie The Unicorn~

"Even when I hike, I'm still trendy!" 

~Cameron Skinner, and Myself~

"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, OK, promise?"
~Coach, Mean Girls~

"Needless to say, the beast was stunned. Whip-cracked went his rubber tail, and the beast was done. He asked us, "Be you angels?" And we said, "Nay, we are but men, Rock!! AAAHHHHH AHAHHHHHHHH AHHHHHH WOOAAHH OH WOOOAHHH!!!" 
~Tenacious D~

"Word, G-Man!"
~Amanda Bynes- She's The Man~

"Roar like a Red Nose Dinosaur!"
~SIDS and Kids~

"The homes of the future are waiting for you, at the bay. All new housing world at Hayward's Bay. The homes of the future are here for you, on display. All new housing world at Hayward's Bay. It's all here (all here), for you (for you), everyday! All new housing world at Hayward's Bay!"
~Hayward's Bay~

"Yeah, there's heaps of drugs like pot, exctasy, LCD..."

"You've been drinking to much Marijuana!"
~Samuel Markoulis~

"Two women were sitting quietly together, minding their own business."

~Jack Oliver~

"I want an SLR so I can call it "JessLR...""

"Don't call me girly, or I'll punch you in the face."

"This is the largest congregation of nerds I've ever seen, and I go to Smiths Hill!"
~Patrick Davis~

Me: "Yes, but there all different kinds of attractive... There's cute, adorable, lick-chocolate-off-body, tap-that, me, you, DAYUM... There are many.
Rach: "Haha me, you ... I didn't know we had our own categories."
Me: "Oh girl, we have our own species!"
~Rachael, And I~

"Pray faithfully, Love honestly, and trust whole-heartedly."

Me: "Mr Wood. *nods*"
Mr Wood: "Jess *Fires gun*"
Me: "How are you? *Barrel-roll behind wall*"
Mr Wood: "I'M GREAT *Pulls pin on grenade and throws over sandbag wall*"
Me: "THAT'S GREAT! *Slow-mo run toward awaiting car- explosion flames behind*"
Mr Wood: "Ah shit. *Looks on in sadness as Jess drives away*"
~Mr Wood, And I~

My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard. And they're like, "do you wanna trade cards?" Damn right, I wanna trade cards. Gimme Pikachu, with Electric Charge!"


  1. I muchly like this indeed tehehehehe =]
    I already have a favourite =]

    You're quite amazing, just sayin' :D

  2. Tehe good =]

    Oh really? And what would this favourite be...? :P

    Hehe thanks you. Well, I do learn from the best :D

  3. hehe actually there are two:

    til the end when we part... =]

    two hands, legs, ears, eyes... but one heart =]

  4. YEEEEAH ! Our awesome facebook chat thingo :D


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