Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feeling Like House

Girl With An Addiction has injured herself. Yet again.

Love this photo.
It's not even halfway through January, and Dapto Medical Centre has one of their most clumsy regulars back!

I'll save all the gory details for another time... Just kidding! It wasn't that bad.

Working at Maccas last night, I needed to deliver some food (two regular chocolate sundaes, to be exact) to a customer who was parked in our waiting bay thing. So I was walking down the tiled path to the car. It had rained earlier, so it was really slippery. Not even halfway down the sloped path, I lost my footing and slipped backwards, landing flat on my back. The sundaes went flying, and I bet the guy in the car had a good laugh. 

Not only landing on my back, on a hard surface, I had landed on my tailbone, hip, leg, and had smashed two of my fingers into the raised bricks lining the pathway. Naturally, I was stunned. Kinda in shock, because I didn't actually realise what had happened until I walked back inside, soaked, and my face covered in tears. 

I find this amusing...
Instead of asking my manager to sit down, I insisted on making two new sundaes. I bet you're laughing. I'm actually laughing while writing this, because I was so daft :P

Anyways, it was pretty obvious that something had happened. I mean, I don't limp around shaking, with tears down my face everyday. So I explained what happened to my manager, handed him the retarded sundaes, and sat down for about 20 minutes. 

I could barely walk properly, and my fingers were numb, swollen, and I couldn't bend down, let alone stand up without feeling pain... 

Say I'm mad, I dare you. Instead of taking the option of going home, I toughened up and finished my full shift at work, only to come home and be told by my mum that my lower back was swollen, and blue. Not really blue, just very bruised...

So I spent the rest of the night limping. And today.

This morning I went to the doctor's and, thankfully, it's just muscle pain. I get a day off work, and prescription painkillers. YAY! 

The only downside: If I'm not better by Thursday, I start physiotherapy. 

I hate my painkillers. They make me feel drowsy, dizzy, quiet. I couldn't even maintain a good conversation with a great friend. You know who you are, and I'm sorry. 

The only good thing about them is that they make the pain go away :)

And, my most favourite thing about this whole situation...

I'm kinda just like Dr. House! :D

  • I'm limping, on the same leg (Yes, I may be a little obsessed with House)
  • My painkillers are in a cool bottle thing (Sadly, not the same as his, but it's still cool when I get them out...)
  • Painkillers in general.
  • I'm drinking coffee.
All I need is a cane. And I have one, but it's not with me... Meh.

So anyways, this whole experience has reminded me how much of an accident-prone clumsy regular of Dapto Medical Centre I am. 

And... That's pretty much it... So, I'm gonna finish my coffee... WOO! :)

Have a super-dooperly megtastic afternoon!

God bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


  1. so i can't really take funny, interesting OR cool because that's a painful story :S but i'm glad you're okay!

    I'm glad you like House.... so do I tehehehe =]

    You're gaining followers quite nicely, very impressive :D

    AND you've finally put in an RSS feed, very exciting hehehehe xD

    Anyways, i'll let you get back to it all.
    Get well soon luv =]

  2. Haha I would have put cool. I'm sure it would have looked hilariously amusing... Especially when the sundaes went flying... Wish it was taped :P

    I LOVE House! Always have, always will tehe =]

    So... I didn't actually realise that I put in an RSS feed... but okay! :D

    Yeah, my followers are growing... Tis good..

    LOL I'm writing another blog right now actually =D


  3. naaaawww i actually feel bad for NOT laughing! :P

    LOL it's the subscription thing :P well it makes me happy :D might mean your views might go slightly down though..... :/

    YAY, can't wait! xD

    You're welcome? tehe

  4. LOL stress less kay :P

    HA that's okay, I don't really care anyways.


  5. you...you....you put..... SNAKE..... on your page!!!!!!


    in case you haven't noticed, that's more than a little bit AWESOME!! =D

    You my fair friend, are a Cool Bean Kid! That's right, with capitals

  6. Yes, I did indeedy put Snake on my page...

    Hehehehe XD

    I can tell =D

    ... Capitals?! Wow. I must truly be a real Cool Bean Kid! My life is complete.
    Likewise :P


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