Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just a random portrait shot...
Girl With An Addiction is blogging.

Don't say it... Just, don't. I know what you're thinking. It's about time I blogged again...
To be honest, I just haven't been up to it lately. Who knows why really.

Ahh so much has been happening...

I'll start from the beginning, as always.

The last time I posted an actual blog, was about my cool bean bag. I still have it and I'm getting used to it. People are actually starting to like it. And I've found that if you sit on it, while someone wheels you around... Let's just say it's super-dooperly funtastic!

I had an x-ray for my back last week... And nothing came up! According to the x-ray, my back is fine! BUT, it's clearly not! My physio thinks I've sprained my spine, hip and pelvis... YAY! So I've been missing heaps of school because of all the appointments, and my doctor gave me different painkillers last week... Turns out that I'm actually allergic to them! So I was sick all of last week, causing me to miss more of school.

But that's okay, because I'm only faking it so I can skip school, of course. Because I would definitely fake all of that pain. I'm fearless like that, right?

On Valentines Day I went to Maccas. No joke. Haha, I still laugh about it. Anyways, it was fun. Haha, I got a rose, chocolate, and...... a.... PINK DRAGON TOY!!!!!!!! (Best. Boyfriend. EVAR!!!)

Hmm... I don't really remember much after that... Oops.

Basically, I haven't been at school, I've been sick, I've been dealing with a lot of things lately, and I miss my best friend like crazy...

So... Yeah... Things are hectically good at the moment...!!

Anyways, I'm really going to start posting weekly... I pinky-swear-and-stamp-it!! 

Have an ultra-megtacular week!

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Really Can't Think Of A Good Title For This...

Girl With An Addiction is watching The Fairly Odd Parents.
Am I really that cool?

What an eventful week!

I went home from school on Friday, my back was that sore. It wasn't just sore though, it was uncomfortable, in a way that I just can't describe. 

So I had to miss Mobstars (basically a youth group for primary school kids; I'm a leader there). So not happy. BUT!!! I got to go to my youth launch!!!! And it was truly awesome!!

On Saturday I went to another church thing; Luminous Worship Collective - Love.Learn.Serve.Create. Basically, a night where a couple of awesome bands played, and it was just a truly amazing night!! 
I missed the start of it though because I was working.. But from what I hear it was really funtabulous!

I saw Sanctum 3D on Sunday with a really great friend. It was far better than what I expected, so I'm pretty happy with it. I could complain a little, but I won't bother because it's a good film, AND it's directed by James Cameron, so it has to be good!

I had physio this morning. 
Found out that I have a sprained pelvis, and vertebrae. YAY FOR ME!

Short blog, I know. I shall write a longer one later.

Anyways, I'm very happy at the moment.

Have a funtabulous week! :)

I'm off to commence planning for a bubble-wrap war!

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groovy Bag.

Groovy bag... Kinda looks like this...
Girl With An Addiction is slowly dying of social embarrassment...

When I went to the physio a few days ago for my back, I got the feeling that my physio thinks I may have seriously damaged my spine. 

Apart from my initial fall at work, I'd gone to the beach and been massively dumped (I NEARLY DIED!!!), and I'd carried my heavy schoolbag around for a couple of hours... I might be getting an x-ray next week because I may have chipped or fractured a vertebra.

Therefore, I'm no longer allowed to carry a normal backpack around for school...

Instead, I get a wheelie bag.

At first I honestly thought that all my school friends would make fun of me, and not want to talk to me, etc. I basically don't have a choice in whether or not I carry/wheel this bag around, because if I continue carrying a normal schoolbag then it just damages my back even more.

My bag looks like a black suitcase, with weird handles, wheels on one end, and the weird pully-thingo is hidden in a zipper thing on the other end.

I've found that sitting on it, while friends pull me about 10 or so metres really fast, is exceptionally funtastical!!!

I thought that I'd be made a fool of, and I hated it at first. To be honest, I just don't care, because everyone knows I'm rather odd anyways, and it's quite amusing to give them more reasons.

Anyways, I'm beginning to like my awesome little old lady bag... Sooner or later everyone will have one.... Or not... And if not, YAY for being an individual!

Night all!

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Eventful Week.

Girl With An Addiction is having a very eventful week.

I'll start from the beginning, as always:

I slept over my awesome friend's house on Friday, and Saturday. It was so much fun! We spent so much money on junk food... At the same register every time because my friend from school was working. We probably bought about 5 blocks of chocolate... And for every meal (excluding breakfast), we had hot chips... Anyways, it was a super-dooperly funtastic weekend! Her whole family is so sweet, and she has the most beautiful sisters ever!

On Sunday we all headed to the beach. And...
No joke, seriously.

I got ultra-dumped by a massive wave, then I got caught underneath it, as it was going over me. At the time, I was being pulled out by a rip. Trying to reach the surface for air, another wave dumped me, and I must have hit my head because I blacked out for a bit...
I don't really remember it that well, but somehow I managed to get out of the rip, nearly fainting from exhaustion. And so, I nearly died. 
I had a huge headache, and was so weak I could barely stand, but in the end I was okay.. Apart from being extremely shaken up.
All the while, my friend Maddie got dumped pretty badly and was nearly sick! I felt so bad because I was having a panic attack and screaming out her name, pretty much demanding her to help me (because by then, I could barely swim)... So Maddie, I'm very sorry. Love you.

I got burnt, yet again. Though I did put some sunscreen on, I'm so tanned! (Well, more than usual...)

Later on, we went to Maccas and she started working, so I pretty much had an hour to kill before going to church. I went to the mall and hung out with an awesome guy from work, Neilson. Turns out we have so much in common!! So exciting, because he's (re)introduced me to one of my new favourite bands, The Pixies.  Currently obsessed with "Debaser" and "Where Is My Mind?", two songs that you must check out! I'm a little disappointed with girls my age who've missed out on a great musical education (hopefully that doesn't sound conceited). I mean, I picked up a Pearl Jam CD, and he was shocked. Seriously. What the heckle is with people these days who have no idea what fine music is...?

Ella, Sarah, Bethany;
Gorgeous Sisters.

Anyways, my Sunday was quite awesome!

Yesterday, I had the divine pleasure of going to school.
I'm pretty excited because I'm now in year 10... Which means I only desperately need to start saving if I want my life plan to start playing out... Mainly the whole have-a-gap-year-and-travel-the-world bit..

I was late to the dedication service.. As per normal, I'm always late, so it was kinda expected. I'm officially in the Advanced English/Science class this year... YAY!!! Nerd all the way!
I'm still in standard maths... Which is okay, because I have an awesome teacher and friends.

I'd like to welcome our newbie, Grace, to the craziest year (so far) of 2011. I hope she has a great time making friends, and fits in with much ease. Hopefully we'll become good friends, I think we will..

The bus ride home was horrid. 
It was hot, sticky, and sweaty. I sat next to Hughbert, and made (literally) him listen to Daddysmilk, Richard Dutton and The So & So's, and Biffy Clyro all the way home! 

This morning I had a physio appointment. My school bag (even though I've only worn it for a couple of hours) has made my back worse than it's been over the past two weeks... I may have also damaged my back when I nearly drowned on Sunday... I am so sore. By the tone of his voice, and his expressions, my mum and I have a theory that my physio thinks I may have chipped or fractured a vertebra... So if I'm not feeling better by next week I get an x-ray! Yay.

It is so hot, so I'm going to go and eat a Maccas sundae with extra, extra, extra, extra hot fudge sauce, and a flake!

Now tell me how I don't have an addiction!

God bless,


Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

P.S. I realised that I've never written a blog without leaving out a few punctuation marks, and words... Sorry.
Hahahahaha. I left out one of the "outs" whilst writing this too...... Wow.