About Me

Hat, Floral Dress, Stripy Shirt, Curly Hair, Cross Necklace:
The name's Girl With An Addiction. 

An addiction to chooclate, that is... It's getting quite serious... It is so bad, I'm more than likely eating some as you read this... =)

I am a very strange girl:

I don't like wearing the in-clothes, instead I wear mis-matching clothes and accesories to go with my mis-matched personality.

Purple and aqua/turquoise would be my favourite colours.

I am counted as a tom-boy as most of my good friends are guys, and I'm not a girly girl... I think ;)

I'm currently Agnostic, borderline Atheist. I did follow God and see myself as a Christian last year. But when I needed God most, I felt like he wasn't there, and so I blatantly refuse to go back to those same views and believe in "God". I could write so much more but I'm not prepared to delve into that anymore at this present time.
I do, however, respect others' religions and beliefs. I'm not daft, I was raised a Christian, in a Christian family, so I know a lot about the Bible, and I have and will continue to involve myself in heated discussion on the topic.

I'm still trying to find myself...

I'm in love.

I have moved 14 times and lived in 13 houses.

I love a variety of music, mainly alternative/rock, and pop songs with great piano.

I don't know my father.

I hate followers, and people who be someone they're not to please others.

I'm a rebel.

I love butterflies and Box Jellyfish.

I am ceoliac (allergic to gluten) and lactose-intolerant.

I am beginning to like my hair.

I hate gossip, full stop.

I am scared of the world, but just want to get out there and have experiences; travel the world; and be different.

I aspire to be a fashion designer, a writer, a photojournalist, or a childcare worker.

I have many dreams and, being very ambitious, I'll do whatever it takes to accomplish them.

I have a slight obsession with Harry Potter.

I want to help the world be a better place.

I believe everything is something beautiful, most people just dont know it, or aren't willing to find out.

I'm one of those girls who picks flowers, and does the whole "he loves me, he loves me not." 

I come across as a happy-go-lucky person, but I'm probably one of the unluckiest in love girls you've ever met...

I'm on those girls who believes in love, and will do anything to find it.

I have a dream house.

I'm pretty much your classic girl-next-door.

I wear those pretty dresses, chase butterflies, skip when I'm happy, sing in the shower, and draw hearts on nearly everything if there's a pen available.

I write letters in purple ink and dot my i's with little hearts. 

I walk down streets and over hills, and around lakes, just to sit on a chair to think about life, for even just a few minutes.

I drink coffee, probably more than I should. 

I like eating my dessert first.

I say whatever's on my mind.

I cry in romantic comedies, but laugh in horror films.

I'm not afraid to be who I am, and I'm not afraid to take risks and chances, so I take as many as possible. I've only got one life to live, so why not spend it living everything to the fullest.

I don't believe in regrets anymore; only in experiences that make you stronger.

When I finish school I'm having a gap year and am going to travel all over Europe. Some people think I'm crazy for having too many dreams, but why not dream big when you've got nothing to lose?

When I get back, I'm going to study writing and fashion design, then travel the world again. Hopefully I'll fall in love, and settle down somewhere, in a big white house with a red door, blue shutters, and a really pretty garden... As I said, I'm a big dreamer :P

I want to be one of those really cool mothers who wear those pretty dresses and aprons, bake cakes and cookies on weekends, have flowers on the table everyday, be the best mother they can be, stack the dishwasher with their husband, and still have the passion to follow their dreams, and get somewhere in life... Yeah, I want to just like that.

Singapore Orchids are my favourite flowers, along with lilies.

I'm into old-school alternative/rock, punk, and British bands such as Daddysmilk, Richard Dutton And The So & So's, The Pixies, The Jam, and The Clash, Band Of Horses, Cage The Elephant, Gomez, British India, and Blood Red Shoes. 

My eyes change colour (solid and mixtures of) from green, blue and grey, depending on my mood and the weather. Bright green means I'm happy :)

I don't believe in a lot of things, and I don't trust people easily, at all.
I have hope that one day, hopefully in the near-future, I'll find true happiness.

I wish Love was as real as the fairy-tales say they are. ♥

I'm not a girl who has Tumblr, Twitter or Myspace, but I do have Formspring and a blog.
No, I do NOT have a crappy blog where all I post are photos of guys, girls, tattoos, piercings and whatever other crap they post these days.

By definition, I make my blog a place where I can write my honest opinions on different topics, and even just a place where I can freely write what's been happening in my week, without caring about unnecessary judgement.

I Love My Best Friend, Meggles, and my family mean the absolute world to me! :) ♥

I'm strange, unique, and I ♥ being different.

I'll probably add some more stuff everyday, depending on how often I think of more odd things about me... 

Thats me =)


  1. hmmmmm i wonder what's different.... =]

  2. Tehe, I'm gonna delete the other post now methinks... I'll figure it out later :)


  3. I think it describes you to the fullest and I am happy to have known and loved you your entire life, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    -MEGGLES <3

  5. I love you too gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Haha I thought I'd allow both comments... ;)
    Thaaaaanks you :)

  7. hahaha! I thought maybe I should send it from my own account haha :P


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