Sunday, May 29, 2011

Filling In The Gaps.

Girl With An Addiction hasn't blogged in over two months. This saddens me...I'm actually quite disappointed...

Here's a list of excuses, so you can sympathise:

  • School - Includes assessments, exams, studying, and homework.
  • Church - Includes the Friday afternoon Kids Club, (which I actually left because school became too much), youth, and the services on Sunday.
  • Work - I work about 2-3 times a week, on average. But since my fall back in January (details below), they've cut my shifts, so now I work about 1-2 times a week.
  • My back - Since slipping over at work in January, I've had physio about 2-3 times a week (meaning I miss out on school, and sometimes work), doctors appointments almost every week (also making me miss school), I was on prescribed painkillers everyday for about 2-3 months, and in sick-bay every week. Still in a lot of pain, and still hating it.
  • Sickness - I've had: The cold. The flu. Migraines. And Tonsillitus. My immune system is absolute rubbish, don't even get me started.
  • Emotional stress - Yes, I've been dealing with a lot lately. You'll hear about it in my next blog which should be up shortly.

You're all very lucky that I've had a "creativity boost" as I like to call it, this past week. I actually started writing this last week, but then forgot about it... I'm sorry, I know it's rather tragic that I've forgotten all about my lovely readers... 
    But fret not! For I am back, and my mind is a'rolling for some good writing.

    So, on a farewell note, expect a moving and possibly emotional blog coming soon!

    Have yourselves a lovely week!

    Girl With An Addiction
    xoxo :P