Saturday, January 8, 2011

Randomness Thoughts on Even More Random Things... If That Makes Sense.

Dawson's Creek =)
Girl With An Addiction cut her fingers today. At work. On stainless steel. Twice.

Now I have two uber coo-bean blue bandaids on my fingers... And I can hardly bend them. YAY for injuries! Tomorrow, my mission is to buy super-dooperly spectatuclerific Dora bandaids... Or some form of childhood cartoon bandaids... =P

Which then leads me to my second mission:
Buy the 5th season of.... Wait for it... A little longer...

DAWSON'S CREEK!!!!!! =D *Heart explodes!*

I have a slight obsession with Dawson's Creek... 
Whenever I'm not blogging, facebooking, or any other form of entertainment, I'm watching Dawson's Creek. It only The Greatest T.V series. Ever. So, I borrowed the first three seasons of my step-dad when I was 10, became obsessed with it, then kinda just forgot about it... UNTIL last year when I was bored and was craving it... So I started the series again... And soon enough, I was finished the third season, and was given the fourth by my awesome cousin. And now... I have only one or two episodes left of it..... OGM!

I'm so excited! Yet so scared! I don't know what emotions to feel about it, because it is such a fantastic balismical series! It relates to everyone's lives and has a bit of everything: Young love, God, best friends, sex, homosexuals, drugs, alcohol, divorce, highschool, everything! It may sound like your average American T.V series but the only difference is that it has Dawson... Aka, my future-husband-if-I-were-to-be-in-Dawson's Creek... Dawson is amazing. Just sayin'.

Now, I could go into a huge speel about how annoyed I am with some of the idiotic characters, but that would be ruining the series for you... And I wouldn't want to do that, because you must watch them yourself. NAO!

And for those people out there who have a movie list with me... Be prepared. It's on there, and we will watch it... >:D

Anyways... Enough about The Greatest Show Ever...

I went to the beach with some really cool bean people today; my family. I love them :)

ANd I put sunscreen on. But, obviously not enough... Because once again, I'm burnt. Meh.

My laptop kinda broke, so I can't really blog everyday anymore... Though I'll try super-dooperly hard to! :)

I have the best song ever stuck in my head....


Galoomp went the little green frog one day,
Galoomp went the little green frog,
Galoomp went the little green frog one day,
And his eyes went gloomp, gloomp, gloomp
We all know frogs go
Lah dee dah dee dah,
Lah dee dah dee dah,
Lah dee dah dee dah,
We all know frogs go
Lah dee dah dee dah,
They don't go gloomp, gloomp, gloomp!

Have a megtastical day tomorrow! =]

God bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


  1. Silly Jessica, everyone knows that frogs go splat in the microwave :P

  2. :O childhood- destroyed....

    Hehe, I like to think otherwise :P

  3. :O SORRY!!!!

    Lol i hope i didn't actually destroy your childhood....

    and you've really gotta be more careful at work, you'll take a finger off one day :P

  4. Haha you're lucky that you didn't... Because if you did... >:D

    Shh, I know :P


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