Thursday, January 13, 2011


Girl With An Addiction is tired.

I can't decide whether this a good morning, or a bad morning, so I just put "Morning" as my title... Hopefully it'll be a good morning.

So... My morning so far:

Wake up to Drops Of Jupiter.
Try and diffuse the painful bomb that is slowly ticking away in my brain by drinking the equivalent to a few cups of water. Some might call it a headache. With no luck, I practically drag myself out of bed, no joke. 

Yes, it took me that long to get to my bathroom, which is like, 3 metres away from my room.
Have a 20 minute shower.
Spend another 20 minutes getting dressed, or the likes (finding clothes, as I do).

Have Cooke Bitez with lactose-free milk for breakfast.
Make mother-dearest a cup of tea.

Continue eating breakfast that tastes oddly good.

Log onto beloved Facebook.
Begin more research on painkillers.

Mother comes out and says good morning. I wonder why the heck we're up so early.
She sits own, tea in hand, and grabs my laptop off me... Seriously.
Also researches painkillers...

I have my laptop back, and she goes away. I don't actually know if she finished her tea.. But I even made it in a Simpson's cup, just for her. So she better have finished it....

Begin writing blog.
Painkillers start to sink in..... :)

Crave Veronica Mars.

Wonder who's gonna be reading this very pointless blog.

Wonder why I'm even writing a blog so pointless, that even I wouldn't read it if I wasn't writing it.

Remember DACLAN is on this Saturday... 
Become super-dooperly excited =D

Try to think of a good closure for this blog.
Remember that I'm going to the doctors in about 10 minutes...
Remember I have work this evening.

Log off Facebook.

Thinks of a nice conclusion thing:

Smile when you're sad, it'll remind you of a happy time... Then hopefully, you're smile will be for a reason.

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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