Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day Of 2010

Girl With An Addiction is a lot of mixed emotions about the last day of 2010.

This year has been significantly life changing, in many ways that I still can't get my head around...

It's taken me a lot to finally find myself, and even now I'm still having trouble, so this year has been a lot of things.

Let's do a quick recap! :D

Well, my ex and I broke up, I went through a lot of friend issues which damaged my soul... Not really, it just sounds cool putting that way.

I was diagnosed with a mood instability a few months ago. A lot of things contributed to the final diagnosis, but I've pretty much had it for about 2 years. A mood instability is pretty much Bipolar on a smaller scale. So my mood goes up and down constantly, changing from really happy to really sad, in massively short time periods. It's extremely frustrating, and it even annoys my friends. I know you don't want to say anything, because more than likely you don't realise what's actually happening, but hopefully you'll understand now. I'm not ashamed of it. I'm actually, in a sense, kinda proud to finally be able to say that there are reasons for my irritating moods. So yeah.

I've found God, and I've found love.

This year has, by far, been the worst and best year I've ever experienced. I've lost friends, and made new ones, who have changed me for the better, and I thank them very muchly =D

So, over the past few weeks I've thought about how I'm going to spend the last day of 2010... I went to work, saw a special Someone whilst there, made a new friend who has heaps in common with me, saw my awesome family, and am currently at a friend of the family's house... I've basically spent the night jumping on their epic trampoline and taking heaps of photos with my bestie Shannan. 

To me, the next year is going to represent how I've gone through so much, and how I can look back and say, "Wow, I've made it through all this," and for me to be thankful and happy that I have.

Thank you everyone who has been an amazing friend/relative/peer/youth leader/teacher and thank you to God.

So, when looking back on 2010, focus on the positives, and the happy moments, when you've smiled, laughed and have just been joyful. Reflect on everything, and remember how lucky you are!

Happy New Year! =D

I'll be spending the first minute of 2011 eating chocolate of course... I suggest you do the same, why not start the year in a fantastic balismical way!? =D

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


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