Friday, January 14, 2011

Home Towns, Shopping, and The Likes of Those Put Together...

Dream House.
The Notebook.
Girl With An Addiction is a shopaholic. 

Only for floral clothes, that is.

I've began to realise a certain pattern that I follow whenever I go out and buy clothes... No matter where I go, when shopping, I always seem to buy a new piece of clothing. But, the main clothing items I seem to continue buying, are all floral. No matter what. 

It's usually a dress, a skirt, and on occasion a shirt or shirts.

For instance, over the past week, I've bought about 5 dresses, 3 shirts, a few skirts and a pair of shorts. I think the only I've bought that hasn't had any kind of pattern on it, was a light pink/orange dress, that I'm taking back anyway because whoever made it was a complete moron and doesn't know how to sew properly...

Anyways, so I've decided that I have a slight obsession with floral dresses and skirts... I might add, the shorts and tops are really groovy, but for some reason I just prefer dresses. Don't call me girly, or I'll punch your face in. 

JUST KIDDING! That's really mean...

I suppose this is a good thing, because I love floral things, and it's Summer.

Which reminds me.. I finished designing my Dream House a few days ago.. Yes, I have a dream house. As I said earlier, I have a lot of dreams, and I plan to follow all of them. I'm very ambitious. I got some of the ideas for it The Notebook, like the blue shutters... Maybe, one day, I'll put it up here... If you're lucky ;)

I am in such a happy mood today!! I'm actually singing and dancing to songs today (as I write this actually)!! =]
Mostly "Unwritten" though... I'm also a bit obsessed with that song.. 

It may have something to do with the fact that I'm drinking an icee and a bottle of V... 

But I was super-dooperly happy before.. Maybe it's Heathcote.. I'm always happy when I'm here, tis good =]


Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


  1. can you really be called girly after threatening your audience with a punch in the face :P

    ...more energy than your body has room for...? ;)

    epic floral dresses are epic! xD

  2. Pfft, punching people in the face is so girly... :P


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