Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being A True Blogger

Girl With An Addiction is writing this blog specifically to Writer in Awe, London, England.

Firstly, thank you for your very wise words on one of my posts. You're clearly true in the majority of your reasonings, and given some of the topics I choose to write about, I can most certainly see where your perspective stands.

As it is, I am in fact a teenager, and most of my friends do like to read it, and catch up with what I'm writing. I can completely understand how it would be frustrating to see me talking about my friends when, clearly, I'm the blogger, and this is my blog. Contradicting, I know. But I am a teenager, and as much as I hate admitting to this- sometimes I enjoy being a teenager, and mentioning how great my friends are. I've thought about it, and have decided to lessen the amount of time I spend blogging about them.

The conversations can be annoying, I know. As I said, I have a lot of friends who read my blog, and so I can't really control who comments or not, but I will ask them to make their comments meaningful instead of "immature conversations."

I've been thinking a lot about how I need to focus my writing on real issues and myself, instead of just friends, so your comment really assisted in that.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for reading my blog, of course. I much appreciate it.

Thanks for the quote, I did a little research and American political satirist, journalist, write and author P.J. O'Rourke is found to have stated it.. It's a great quote, very realistic.

I look forward to your input on this post.

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


  1. Frankly, i think it's a bit immature for said commenter to have told you how to write your blog.
    I for one enjoy hearing about your daily life, and that of your friends, as i don't get to see you so much. But i guess my comment is just as opinionated as theres.

  2. I don't mean to sound rude in the slightest, but they are a blogger, and have stated that the writing industry is great, which implies that they're in it. I don't agree that I need to stop writing pointless posts, but for sake of possible future careers, I'll most certainly try...
    Thank you for reading and enjoying my daily life :)
    I don't mean to sound rude again, but said blogger lives in London, hence their name, so I think they see me a bit less than you.
    Yes, both your comments are equally as opinionated as the other... :P

  3. Anonymous, I am not sure if you actually read the comment that this post is about. It was not so much about telling Jessica how to write her blog, as offering some pointers. It seems to me that the commenter knows Jessica a lot better than we would assume, to the point where he/she is aware of her career ambitions. I found the comment rather mature, as opposed to some of the other comments found on here, which is what the poster was alluding to. If you don't get to see Jessica so much, make more of an effort to do so. She is on facebook, which is also a point the commenter was making. Blogs are not designed as conversation tools, rather as a spot where people can post what is on their mind, as they would in a journal. Accordingly, the comments sections are for comments in regard to the post, not an opportunity to start conversations that are more suited to facebook chat or face to face. This, I feel, was one of the main points the commenter was making. I commend "Writer in Awe" for their honesty and maturity and valuable critique, both negative and positive, that any good writer deserves to get. I was going to post this as anonymous, but realised that anyone that feels so strongly about something should not feel ashamed about it, or hide behind "anonymous", but rather stand by their views, and pronounce to the world "this is how i feel". It is also why I dismiss anonymous comments as beat-ups by people trying to cause trouble or hurt.


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