Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Out and About

Girl With An Addiction is really quite tired...

So, I think I may have walked about 10 kilometres today... Accidental, of course =P

I finally decided that it's about time I move to the next stage of me and my best friend's best-friendship... We always chillax together, and see each other at school, and I've been to his house a gazillion times.... So, I finally thought I would invite him over... Yes, into my humble abode... We're best friends, and he's never been in my house before... I know, I know. I'm unbelievable. 

Well, he likes my house, he better anyway. And he thinks my room is girly, but the only really girly thing about it would be the hot pink feature wall I have, my quilt cover, and my chandelier... And so, he tuned my guitar, serenaded me (not really, he just played a few songs...), and then we went to the mall for a few hours. I think I spent about $60 on clothes... But I got heaps, so it was well worth it! We tried on a bunch of random hats, which was too funny, read some children's stories, paid out Twilight... Majorly... And we were just complete idiots for the most part! I bumped into so many friends too, which was really awesome! Then, before we farewelled the beloved Mall, we went to Gloria Jeans (YUM!). Our adventure home was quite amusing, purely because the town itself is amusing. A guy wolf-whistled at me as he drove past... So of course Levie, being the over-protective bro that he is, gave him the finger, and so I nearly spilt my Iced Mocha because I was laughing so much... Thanks Lever. 

After much anticipation of going back home, we decided to go for another walk to a nice grassy hill. And so we sat on that hill, listening to popaliscious music such as Katy Perry, Glee and Lady Gaga (he's gonna kill me for writing that...), had a bunch of hysterical tickle fights, and then we walked home, where we gave him a lift to work...

After much thinking, I finally decided that I should actually start training for Duke of Ed, because I have my Test Hike very soon, and I nearly died on the practise... So I went for a walk to the lake. It was a very nice walk =)

All in all, I had a fantastic balismical day =D

Now I'm drinking a super-dooperly yummy iced coffee that I created a few days ago... But it's with instant coffee so it's not as good... And it's more for those who have a sweet-tooth.

Here's the recipe, so you may love it just as much as I do =)

1 tsp instant coffee
1 tsp sugar
1 heaped tsp honey
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Boiled water (duh...)
Milk (again with the duh...)
Ice cubes (optional)
Bendy/Twirly Straw

1. Add all the dry ingredients (honey is counted as dry for this purpose... MKAY!?)
2. Add some of the water, just enough so the ingredients can be mixed together.
3. Mix all the ingredients together until dissolved.
4. Add as much milk as you want (and ice cubes if needed).
5. Add a bendy/twirly straw (Personally, I'd go for the twirly straw...)
6. Now enjoy it... NAO!

Yar so, that's it! It tastes like the bomb-diggity, if the bomb-diggity had a taste... 
I have a new slight obsession with cinnamon... =D

Thanks you Levie for another awesome day! You're the bomb-diggity! Can't wait to chillbang next =D

Anyways, I hope you're all having a megtastic week!!! And continue to have a funtasmical holidays!!! =D

God Bless,

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P


    Makes me wanna go shopping!! :)
    from meg :)

  2. Tehehe Why thanks you Meg!
    We should do some shopping when you get back, it shall me most excellent... =D

  3. glad you had a good day :)

  4. just realised that this post was not opinionated or depressing in any way! Kudos =]

  5. WOO! I actually had another post in mind, but I had such an awesome day, that I'ma save it for another time :)

  6. lol fair enough; actually kinda curious as to what it is...

  7. Haha meh, it's kinda depressing... I'll give you all a hint.. It means you'll want to read it more... >:D

    It's about the world.
    Hehe >:D

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