Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Painkiller Song

Girl With An Addiction is feeling a little funny...

So, I'm currently talking to a friend, Hughbert...

And I'm feeling a bit odd, so I wrote a very random song to him just then... here it is... And enjoy how bizarre I am >:D

I feel... funny,
Like a bunny.
I want my mummy...
It's not very sunny, hunny.
You are a bunny,
A bunny wabbit indeedy.
Indeedy is my middle name,

But I'm not the same...
Is it because I'm lame?
I think so, because I've injured my toe.
Not really, more like my back,
But that's because I like my hat.
Yep, I like it like that.

Tehe, BYE! :D

Girl With An Addiction
This bunny is hilariously amusing.
xoxo =P


  1. HEHE! :D
    And you are a bunny wabbit...

    I chased a bunny once.. With a friend... TWAS SO AWESOME! One of THE best days... EVAR! You have not yet lived, if you've never chased a bunny... Seriously.


  2. Haha that was a fantastic day! Can you believe it, i was telling that story today xD good story, good day tehehe =]

    I always enjoy how bizarre you are :D


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