Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Girl With An Addiction is writing to you =)

Why do I love Winter?
I do not know, I suppose it is undecided.

Why do I hate Winter?
Because it's too cold!

It isn't even Winter yet, but here I am in trackies, a jumper and warm socks, with the fire going and candles burning (Yes, I am a pyro =P), drinking a hot coffee.

These are the Con's of Winter:
Having to wear tons and tons of clothes (that can be good or bad =P )
Winter uniforms,
Rain cancells sport,
Can't do much outdoors,
No clothes, because it rains =(
Not having anything to do,
Not having a fireplace, heater or aircon,
Not having any pets to cuddle,
Not having a doona or a really warm blanket.

These are the Pro's of Winter:
Wrapping up in blankets,
Snuggling with the one you love,
"Borrowing" your boyfriends jumper/jacket but never actually returning it,
Cuddling your girlfriend to keep her warm (and you, but you don't actually tell her that)
Ugg boots and trench coats
Scarves and beanies
Fire and Candles
Hot chocolates and coffees
Movie marathons
Shopping sprees
Cinema Outings
Long phone calls
Dancing in the rain
Kissing in the rain =)
And about a million and one other things that make Winter so great =)

From a Fashion Perspective, Winter is the time when all girl's say "I have nothing to wear!" BUT, most of the time, this is a complete lie! There are a range of reasons why girls say that they don't have any clothes in Winter, but in reality they actually have the most clothes compared to guys. Count yourself lucky girls that you have a wider and more fashionable range than men! If you love looking good and having all the new clothes, then Winter is great if you have a heap of jackets, jeans, trackies, long-sleeve shirts, boots, uggbotts, dressing gowns, socks, gloves, scarves and beanies and of course, stockings. Whether it be any of these items of clothing, you can create any great outfit with pretty much all of them!

For a more Sporty outlook on Winter, this is awesome, because sports like AFL, Football (The REAL type, with a FOOTball!), Rugby, Rugby League, Cycling, Ice Hockey, Netball, Dancing, Skiing ( in some cases Baseball) and for those who like to say it is and think it is, Shopping =)
Winter is awesome for the sporty type, because there is a much wider range of sport in Winter than there is in Summer, BUT because of the cold and wet weather (even though it rains MORE in Summer) there is a lack in participation in sports. It is an more efficient and fun way for people to get warmed up and be warmer in general because of all the running around and it's a great way to stay fit during the cold days.

I have a new perspective on Winter after writing this. Now hopefully after reading it, you too will enjoy and appreciate it more, because Winter only comes once a year =)
So, why do I love Winter...?
Well there the answers =)
Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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