Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Week of Term Two

Girl With An Addiction is FINALLY writing to you =P

I am very sorry to anyone to who actually reads my blogs, for not writing daily as usual. I know it's a stupid excuse, but... I've been busy! So, now that I have a whole afternoon on my hands, this is what has happened this week:

On Sunday, I went my boyfriends first AFL game of the season... His team is crap, but he is actually pretty good :) I have no idea how to play AFL so when his dad, sister, brother and his brother's friends showed up, it got awkward. Luckily, his sister doesn't know how to play either. I'm hoping to go to every second game of his because it will be a home game and so I can actually get there... AND so I can be a good girlfriend and start going regularly. I still can't believe that even though he played last year for the whole time we were dating, I never went to one of his games until this year... WEIRD! Later on, I went to church twice and then home as normal. So, that's basically what happened on Sunday.

NOTE: The previous post was about Monday, so read that if you want to catch up. =P

So Tuesday was the first day back of Term 2. Boring as usual. We had an Anzac Day service thingo where this man came and told us about how many Australian troops died in all the wars we fought in, then stuff about war and his family. To be honest, I actually didn't mind the service, unlike everyone else. I myself love history and learning about Australian history, especially all the wars.

I personally think more people should actually LISTEN in those services because it is a big wake-up call to those who think war was only about people who wanted more violence and action. FALSE. Back then, and today still, people go out and fight in the war out of loyalty to their country and love for their families.

So, to all of you that think war is only about action and murders, YOUR STUPID!

Anyways, so at the assembly, we had to sit in the scorching sun for about half an hour... The time was crap, but the purpose memorable.

Funny though, today linked in perfectly with our History class where our topic this term is: Australia and World War One! So, I know I'M going to love this topic =)

On Wednesday... What happened on Wednesday...

NOTE: Due to lack of memory capacity, laziness and addictions, I don't remember what happened on Wednesday or Thursday... That is bad.

On Friday it was our Cross Country. I did not compete because I am a girl, and yes that is my excuse for everything. But seriously, it because of the female agenda. My boyfriend of course ran... and came 1st! I feel bad because I was severely jealous but he has never come 1st before in Cross Country, so I cut him some slack. (I hope you're reading this bub) I was and am very proud of him! =)

I lost my voice on Friday... It sounded like a guy on helium haveing voice-breaks every second word... It was HORRID!

Our Youth had our Launch Night, which was bloody awesome!! It was so much fun =)
 BUT, it was so unfair because I couldn't sing properly due to my stupid voice =(

Altogether, a great day =)

And, FINALLY this brings me to today! My mum and I had our first class of term 2 for belly-dancing this morning! Only one more until intermediate starts :) Our teacher, Mel, said I was cute today and now my mum is known as the Cheeky one. She also played her favourite song today... its alright... BUT SO ANNOYINGLY WEIRD! It gets stuck in your head for ages! =P

I have a new friend and he is tall =)
I shall call him Mr Tall!

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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