Monday, April 19, 2010

Science Assessment

Girl With An Addiction is writing to you =P

WRITERS NOTE: If you don't understand any of this, Google it.

Ok, so along with my year and the year above me, I got given a Major Science Assessment, but becasue I'm not in year 10 yet, it doesn't officially count towards my S.C. We could either choose from the topics given, or create our own. So, knowing me and my very curious mind, I created my own: Boys Vs Girls - Boy's Will Be Boys and Girl's Will Be Girls. Basically, my Aim is: To observe and investigate the differences between school-aged males and females: Physically; mentally; socially; and emotionally.

So, I need to investgate a series of observations and experiments or just one experiment to complete my Aim. But the whole point of that is to answer my Hypothosis: Girls are more progressive and develpoped in these areas, than that of boys.

I already have a number of experiments planned out, from throwing things to calculate reaction times, strength and speed, to seeing which gender can cook or play music the best.

Today, I went to my Mum's work (Before and After School Care, in this case Vacation Care, seeing as though it's STILL the holidays until midnight) and asked a series of questions to a boys and girls from years 2-6, which could of gone better.

I did although, meet a lovely (more like lively) boy in year 5, who happens to be in my favourite primary school teacher's class (same school and all!). I was so happy he offered to give the said teacher a letter/note if I wrote her one. So, of course I obliged. For his age, he was really nice and funny, one of the nicest boys at my Mum's work.

Anyways, so I asked some questions, wrote a letter and off I went with Mum back home.

The whole problem with this stupid assessment is that I only have about 5 weeks left to finish it (sure thats a lot of time, but its not really when you think about it!). I've planned out most of it, now I'm just worried about how I'll actually carry out the "experiments" (I sound like an evil scientist) and whats worse is that I'll need to take time out of lunch breaks at school, to talk to the kids (my school goes from Prep-Year 12)!

Well, wish me luck!

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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