Friday, April 16, 2010

First Blog

The name is Girl With An Addiction.

No, not an addiction to drugs, smoking or sex, an addiction to chocolate.

I am yet to find out if I do actually have a chocolate addiction, but if I do then I have already passed "Step One: Admitting You Have a Problem," which then leads me to "Step Two: Getting Help," which I hope may never happen!

An only child who lives with her Mum, step-dad and two dogs, Flynn & Izzie, in a small yet cozy house in the Illawarra, Australia. My Mum got re-married two years ago and I can she that she is so much better off now. I do not know my biological father, but I do know my Mother's ex-husband who I do not want to talk about at the moment. My Mum and I have moved all over the place (14 times actually), from Sydney, to down-the-coast passed Nowra and now we have finally bought a house that we love (the 13th house). I don't see the rest of my family as often as I would like to becasue they live in Sydney, but when I do, I try making the most of it.

Year 9 at a private Christian school. If you ever saw me when I started there in term 3 of year 7, you would have died, I was that different. To be honest, changing schools from one of the worst highschools in the Illawarra was definately not on my to-do-list. I'd moved from Sydney the year before, but continued school there until the start of highschool, which was a waste of time if you ask me. I didn't know anyone, so I was therefore extremely shy and quiet (not at all myself), and it wasn't until the start of 2nd term that I actually broke out of my "Shy Shell" as I call it. I acted rebel and hardcore, and did stupid things that I completely regret. I couldn't actually believe that I had changed so much from being the. "Teachers Pet" that I was in primary school, to someone that I hated. If I could do it all over again, believe me I would.

So now, I have changed again into a Godly teenager that "tries" to follows the rules and is so much happier than I was before =)

After I changed schools, I became best friends with a lovely boy from my church, who is in the same year as me, and is now my wonderful boyfriend of almost a year. I know it sounds silly, but I love him. He hopes to get married one day, buy a big house (my dream house, actually) and have a few children along the way. He really is amazing =)

So, anyway this is my first blog and I hope to write more in the near-future.

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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