Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its Been A While...

Girl With An Addiction is writing to you :P

Well I suppose I have been a little bit slack... Ok very slack. I haven't written a blog in exactly 45 days... That is terrible. So very late. Sorry just can't cut it, so I'm going to start to start writing one once a week... Again. Hopefully I'll stick to it this time.

Well, not much has really happened. 

Ok thats a lie. Kinda.

I had school holidays a few weeks after my last blog, which were alright. I saw a few movies, but didn't really do much. Then it was my boyfriend's birthday in July. I got him a Nerf gun and a zombie book. (Best girlfriend ever?!) I think he liked it :D

Yeah, so not much has happened. The usual fighting with the same people, making up, being boring, church. You know, not much at all really.

Oh and for English, we had to write a 1-2 page short story on something... Yeah I love writing... Mine was about 5 and a half pages... almost 4000 words :)
So, I did a little research and entered a few writing comps. Wish me luck :)

I'm writing another blog later today, which I think you'll like and/or cry... :S

Anyways, sorry for the belated short blog :)

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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