Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Lachlan.

Girl With An Addiction is dedicating this blog to my Little Brother Lachlan.

In my last blog I mentioned my other Little Brother Lachlan.

Well this is his story:

On the 4th of July, 2001, Lachlan was born. He was so small, but he was perfect. He was my little brother. On the 18th of August 2001, only six weeks later, he died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). I remember exactly what happened, but I don't really want to blog about it.

So, this is for Lachlan:

Happy 9th Birthday, Lachlan.

I miss you Little Brother,
I wish I could hold you and cuddle you again.
Six weeks may have been short, but it was enough for me to love you more and more each day.
I think about you a lot,
I dream about you too.
I even have a blue teddy, that was made especially for you.
I remember when you were born, and I was excited to have a new baby brother.

But then six weeks later God made SIDS take you away from me, your brother, your dad and your mother.

God took you because He needed someone that special to be up in Heaven with Him.

I wish I could hold you,
I wish I could cuddle you.
I remember bathing you once.
You were so cute and small.
I wish I could play with you again.
Or even just sit with you.
Holding your teddy with you, would have me cry with joy,
But now it brings me tears of sadness, as I hold your little blue toy.

There was a difference between you and Jay:
I met you.
I held you.
I smelt you.
I kissed your little forehead.
I talked to you.
I bathed you.
I sat with you.
I played with you.
I fed you.
I sung you lullabies.
I rocked you to sleep.
I watched you sleep.
I got the chance to watch you grow in the few six weeks you were alive.

But I did not get the chance to watch you grow up...
And I wish I could.

As tears roll down my face every time I think of you, I remember that;
From the day you were born, I was your Big Sister,
And I always will be, Little Brother.

I will cherish every second of the weeks I got to share with you.

You will never leave my heart.

So, this is for you, Lachlan:

Happy Ninth Birthday, Little One.

I miss you,

I love you.

Love always,
your Big Sister, 

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo :P

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