Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Waiting Rooms

Girl With An Addiction is finally writing to you =P

I hate waiting rooms.

I hate doctors who take too long.

I hate recepionists who are so disorganised, you may as well hire a 3 year old to answer calls and make appointments.

I hate 3 hour waits.

I hate the fact that when I hurt myself, as I do very regularly, I have to go to the emergency room because it's faster to see a doctor there, than it is at a local medical centre.

I am officially a regular at my nearest hospital... I have been there 3 times in the past year. THREE TIMES!

The first time I needed to go there was when everyone thought I had appendicitus, because my stomach literally felt like I had a knife covered in barbed wire, rotating in my stomach then had been lit if fire. We waited in emergency for about 2 hours, then kind of stayed overnight in a room where they gave me some medicine that basically knocked me out.

The second time was last year when a shelf of a bookshelf fell on both my ankles... THAT hurt.

And, the last time I went was when a metal baby gate fell on my toe... THAT hurt almost as much as the time before =(

The medical centre should have a thing called a "organiser" so all they have to do is plug it in & IT takes all your information, so when you need something, they actually remember you when you come back 2 minutes later!

They also need to be smart when they make rosters, so when its a busy Friday night, they have more than 2 doctors on so a) more people can be helped faster and b) there won't be as much of a wait!

It's just so irritating sitting around in a boring waiting room along with about 20 other people, thinking where in the world are all the doctors? They've got loads hired, they just don't know to how use time efficiently, and so they waste other people's time by taking yonks!

People these days... They've got no idea...

As you can see, I am very fed up... but I suppose thats just life.

Girl With An Addiction
xoxo =P

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